BA Chief says UK should stop "kowtowing" to U.S

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by beemer007, Oct 27, 2010.

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  1. The Financial Times said Broughton's comments reflected broader industry and passenger frustration over the steady accumulation of rules on everything from onboard liquids to hand baggage that had been adopted since the Sept 11, 2001 attacks

    BA boss criticises U.S. security demands | Reuters

    Is the UK 'still' a lapdog to every additional security measure oversea's or has BA Mr Martin Broughton have a valid point?
  2. I think its more to do with the pervading bureaucratic red tape attitude in UK, rather than foreign requirements. If the security precautions were serious, they wouldn't take nail scissors off you and then sell you over-priced "Duty Free" in glass bottles....
  3. it's all about creating a false sense of security. keeping up a pretense of complete control so the passengers feel more "comfortable".
  4. I would say it's about civil servants and other bureaucratic wasters goldplating regulations in an exercise of empire building and increasing their powers.
  5. I travel regularly and the pantomime does somewhat grind.

    It is pure security theatre, pure and simple. Designed to give the sheeple the feeling of being looked after and all will be well.

    Lose your bottle of water at "security" but go and buy a 40 ounce bottle of vodka before you board the plane then at 38000 feet smash it then throw a lighter on it. You can't do anything nasty with a bottle of water splashing it about.

    Just take a look at the people allegedly providing security. I rest my case.
  6. I would say its about the repressed sexuality of the rentacops, Birmingham airport is famous for its fondlers, always ready to make sure you dont have an AK47 tucked down your boxers, in fact always ready several times, just in case they missed it the first few gropes.
  7. About 5 years back we went to france with the sister-in-law and her, long haired male sprogs, 13 and 15, they were searched and bags swabbed, my short haired sprog went through, no problem. Long-haired daughter went through, they failed to spot the two large knitting needles in her big ball of wool. Luckily we were feeling mellow that trip and didn't use our arsenal to hi-jack the plane.
  8. There was a chimp from BAA on one of the news programmes last night complaining that security procedures made travellers so stressed they then weren't interesting is shopping - he seemed to of the BAA school that regards airports as shopping malls/food courts with a travel facility attached.

  9. They can cavity search me with a belt sander as long as they catch that nutter with the shoe bombs behind me in the queue!
    BA are trying to recoup dosh lost as a result of the summer strikes. All well and good til the jihadi twats bring down a plane over the Atlantic.
    Who really believes that the BA executives really give a shit about passenger safety.
    They're probably still pissed off about the cost of putting windows in those little gaps down the sides of the aircraft.
  10. Airport securrity is BAA's (or the relevent airport operator's) responsibility, not BA.

    Having managed to get my leatherman across the Atlantic 3 times, in the 2 years directly after 9/11, I have zero respect for the competancy of the 'Security' people in any airport.

    It's all window dressing to make people feel safe, and to let us buy over priced water through security.