Ba Bas Vs Combined Services Rembrance Day Game

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by hornepils, Nov 12, 2009.

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  1. Afternoon all
    Anyone make it to the match last night? Failing that, anyone catch the score?
  2. Yes. Excellent game. Even better as it was raining and I had forked out an extra few quid and was in the stands :)

    Services played well and were well ahead with a few minutes to go when the Barbarians pulled back and almost caught them. Final score was CS 22 Barbarians 19.

    It was announced during the game that one of the Fijian lads playing had been picked to play for Fiji against Scotland later in the month.

    The WO2 who did the kicking missed the final conversion kick and was taken off and told he would never play for the team again.

    He'd retired but that doesn't look as good.
  3. Outstanding!
    Did a certain South African Winger for CS make much of an impression? (Occasional player at a local club I play for). Sorry to ask thru here..won't see anyone who went till the weekend.
    Cheers for the reply mind
  4. Apo Satala good ole Glawssssster boy scored a try for CS.
  5. The kicker who wont play again, will only not play again because he has ended his career for CSS, no other reason. Those of you that know Army rugby will have fond memories of his skills resulting in victories
  6. Charl Coetzer, part time player for Pewsey and former Sharks Academy and Varsity game scorer in SA 2008 had a good 40 minutes. He will be on display again for the A team against BAG on 16th Dec 09.
  7. Mal Roberts the fullback retired from Army rugby after last season's victory at Twickers. This game was his swansong. He was already being substituted when Greg barden crossed the line. The coach didn't want to put LLoyd the replacement fullback on and make his first action to be taking a kick at goal!
  8. Apo Satala was selected in the 22 for this weeknds ,match againstScotland but due to ripping nearly his whole ear off in the last few minutes of the first half he was not considered.
  9. I was being sarcastic :roll: Read the small print in my original post.
  10. I see your bit part winger for Pewsey scored your team a hatrick before going back to camp to sleep!
  11. with a bit of luck the same bit part winger will be available this weekend alongside yourself to keep the un beaten run going!
    Been told that if he does it will be his last for Vale mind.
    Training this tues for set pieces if you can make it bud.