Ba$£ard Barclays

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Sid_Ruff, Jan 11, 2010.

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  1. Having given up on trying to get a Current account, I now find Barclays have not only failed to start the payments on my credit card which i set up by direct debit last year, they have also lost a £100 payment into said account.

    Although i failed to keep the paper can they track the paymnet as i know what day it was paid in and the account number?
  2. Yes, whichever bank you sent the payment from get them to do a BACs trace through their clearing Center.

    At the same time speak to Barclays C/Card and get them to do an internal search for the payment coming in, they should be able to do this with the Sort Code, Acc Number and Reference (usually your C/Card number) that you sent the payment from.
  3. Cheers W60. Had so much agro with Barclays this last two years.
  4. £175 in missing payments, finally found by the credit card company. Took nearly three hours in the bank to get Johnny No Stars and his hapless line manager to sort it out!
  5. Cow

    Cow LE

    They (Barclays) cancelled my connect card and didn't tell me, it then got eaten by a ATM on a Sunday. When I tried to get a new one I had to see a Personal W@nker before hand as there was a stop on my account, they can't tell me why the idiots.
  6. I must admit, they are the worst bank i have ever dealt with. The staff are poorly trained and barely literate, the managers lurk in the background and only get involved when you are forced to raise your voice and make a scene. Despite telling Johhny i had paid cash into an account he kept saying there was no record of me transferring money across. Three times before he caught on!
  7. My company once made an overpayment into my account but managed to stop it before it actually fell into my account. Went to the bank to lift money and my card got nabbed! Went into the branch and only after a good hour was told that my company asking for the overpayment back had started a process whereby they freeze your account!

    This was a fair few years back but guess who it was with? Barclays.
  8. It does take three or four explainations before anything sinks in, it's like telling a child! On top of all the other agro i have had with them i am looking around at other banks as they cannot be half as poor as Barclays.
  9. Been with Barclays over 35 years now. Not a single problem - even when posted abroad. From this thread I'm beginning to think that I am an anomaly !
  10. You lucky sod! ;)
  11. Barclays nice bank they have paid my mortgage three times this month now im just a bit over drawn and they are looking in to it twats.
  12. You can afford THREE payments a month? What job do you have, bank robber?!!!

    Seriously though, i cannot believe how inept my local branch are, so i went to Whitstable and Canterbury and they seem to be only one step ahead of McDonald's drive thru staff too.
  13. Longlenny

    Longlenny War Hero Book Reviewer

    Well, don't go to Lloyds. I was driving down the road, going on hoiday, when my phone receives a text. The text is from Lloyds, it read, Your card has been used overseas, if you are concerned ring xxxxxx. I'm in England thinking s**t So I rang xxxx and a numpty said yes it's been used overseas. How much have you spent recently? Much scratching of head as I think of what went out. I told her of the amounts I could remember, Yes thats on here, and yes that one as well. In the end all my figures tally. Puzzled I ask whereabouts overseas? The Isle of Bloody Wight!!!!! I have lived there for years. How long does it take them to catch on.FFS. Unbelievable.
  14. Don't go to Abbey/Santander then, moved house 18 months ago, changed address and still haven't recieved a monthly statement, although I recieve a 6 monthly statement for my investment account. Been in a dozen times to sort this out, spoken to the call centres, checked my details on their PC and still nothing.
  15. Its more likely to be an error by the originator of the direct debit - ie your lender. To be allowed to take dircet debit payments, an indemnity hs to be signed so that in the event of an error, its repaid at once.

    tell then that you want to make a direct debit indemnity claim as too much money has been taken. If its not in the account next day, or if there is more to this then PM me.

    ( I used to work for Barclays, really much more fun than you'd think. But that was about 100 years ago. )