After Pay Cut 2000 (sorry 2002 or 3, maybe 7 cos that's how long it took to get right) everyone is in the same boat, you only get the next higher increment from your old pay to the new SUPA rank.
sleeper said:
can any one tell me the best way to complain about this farce of a rip off as i have recieved this allowance as a higher band sgt for doing a tiffy job how ever instead of going up to high band staffy i have been put in at low band staffy which ni get 400 quid for 6 months work instead of the 2000 that the job is meant to get, seemingly manning and records basically said thats it you have been screwed now shut up, im good enough to do the job but not get paid, how many people in the army are in the same boat and where is the money going, they are getting labour on the cheap as far as im concerned what are the regs on this .
Go and do your CLM, and learn how to costruct a sentence properly, then you may get it. :D

Do you really want to be known as a Tiffy? :wink:

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