B3/B2 Sigs Badge

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by 5205Bradders, Apr 23, 2009.

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  1. Just a quickie, which arm does the Sigs badge go on for B3 and B2... I canne remember, cheers in advance
  2. God how old are you!!!!!!!

    B2/B3 when out with the ark!!

    but to answer your question lower right forearm.
    B1 Lower Left
    RSI/RSJ above your rank
  3. Cheers, whats it all called now then?
  4. Were you issued with the badge or did you see it on ebay and decide to get one to look good? 'Cos you won't you know, you'll look a right c**k.
  5. B3 now CCC

    B2 now RS

    B1 now IRSI

    SNCO needs to do IRSS

    RSWO neeeds to do a cse as well.
  6. Oh come on you'll be telling me next we dont use larkspur anymore :slow:
  7. Ah.... C11, C42.... re-tune every 30 mins, radio check every 15, outside to tune antennas.... those were the days :D

  8. larkspur is the greatest I vote to bring it back!!!
  9. Seconded!!
  10. We don't? Gutted, was looking forward being posted back to a field unit!

    I suppose its some high tech digital gadgetry now that we paid millions for, arrived 10 years to late and still doesn't work.

  11. Yeah!! it is something to do with string and tin cans I think!!!!!!
  12. B etter
    O ff
    W ith
    M ap
    A nd
    N okia