B220 Maidstone and some general questions


I have tried using Google and searching within the forum but I wanted some more answers from people's own personal experience.

I'm more a lurker on here so I'd probably sound like an idiot but anyway:

I am interested in joining this unit B(220) near Ditton as a CMT but I want to know what it's like in there.

I'm almost 16 and I want to see if I can get into some other TA units do basic training and then get transferred to the B220 when I'm 17 (or whatever their minimum age limit is.. I'll check this with the unit).

Is anyone here in that unit?
Has anyone worked with them?
Are they are friendly bunch?
What happens in a typical drill night?

Also, more of a general question but what exactly do CMTs in the TA do when deployed (I'm asking for someone's actual experience here)?

Once you've done a course and you've decided that you don't have time for the TA, can you still leave (studies/ moving to a different area)? I know you can "leave at any time" but I'm not sure if this is still the case after you've done a course.

Also using the search function I came across a post saying that there's something called a CMA (Combat medic assistant?).
Is this the same as the CMT (only that I'm supervised with someone who's fully qualified)?

Thanks in advance.
You have to be 17 1/2 to join any TA unit.

Well in answer to joining as a CMT (or CMA as they're calling us now as we're considered to not get enough practice, it was on armynet in information for RMS) as said before you need to be 17 now, at least I was 17 when I joined. Just transferred to Ditton myself, at least the paperwork's just gone through need hand in my kit to 3PWRR.
msr said:
You have to be 17 1/2 to join any TA unit.

Actually it's 17 as previously mentioned on other threads and on page 3 of the AFCO5 (Application to serve in the Armed Forces - Guidance notes)
Damn it.. I mis-read the army site for the regulars...

Thanks for the information...I suppose it gives me more time to get my fitness up...

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