B1 For Fitter Trades and Promotion

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Gazareth, Jan 11, 2008.

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  1. So for quite a while now Fitters, Draughtsman, CMT's etc... are ineligible for B1 courses due to the fact that we are Q stream and it isn't necessary for promotion. All you need to get promoted from Lance corporal to corporal is to have completed your A1 and be selected.
    However recently this has now changed, for at least some of us. Fitters can definitely now do their B1 and be combat stream(dunno about the other trades).

    My question is this, if you are looking to be promoted on the '08 LCPL to CPL board as a fitter without having done your B1 (before this change in policy came about) are we now ineligible for promotion now this change of policy has come into effect???

    If this is the case it's a bit fecking shiite as it puts us back by at least another year.

    Does anybody out there have any knowledge on this matter???

    Ta in advance
  2. 3 fitters on B1 from our teram as we speak.
  3. The problem is that due to operational commitments there is no way I will get a B1 course in this year. Am I now ineligible for promotion, whereas 1-2 months ago I was looking pretty good??
  4. By rights you'll be selected (if in zone etc) and it will state thate you must complete B1 before such and such a date etc (At least i think thats how it works mate)
  5. Because you have been told you are ineligible for you B1 for the last 8 years, no matter how much you b1tch about it.
    Then have to be as up to date as a full time knocker and have to do your field sections commanders. Hmm the corps gets what the CRE wants.

    Not bitter..................................!
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  7. Fitters and design stream are now eligble for B1 and section commanders.
  8. Are they trying to stop those trades leaving as they don't want to be coneheads?
  9. need to try something to stop the lads leaving in droves at the minute, personally think it may be a little too late, time will tell.
  10. Will the Fitters\Designers wanting to do their B1's get priority over other trades if they need to get on a course urgently though?
  11. each individual will more important than everyone else within the corps, as per normal.

    do not know if pot coneheads/lcpls will get priority, for promotion etc.
  12. I seem to remeber an OC at Chepstow giving me the option of being bootedout or retrading to Fitter RE- I chose the latter- I had a career plan-and it invovled being in the Army.

    At almost every 'promotion hurdle' me and my cohorts hit the policy change, we were almost always a year too early or a year to late to be 'qulified' for promotion.

    No B1 or banana's but a Field Sect Comd for a few years, evening wining Regt Sect Comps but a B2!

    The hurdles are there to test you, of course you could leave and get your invite to re-join then do the B1 -to catch up-having had lots of fun using the bounty as an advance!

    Now that might not go down too well with the mud muppets that couldn't change a tyre let alone become a Fitter (aye even Ftr Gen) but hey why turn from a happy as Larry (Ftr/Sig/Knocker) into a grumpy old git-tired that it only grates-bah humbug bring back real Fitters and lets have some King Dick Spanners-

    If a POM can't make something of the last bit- I will throw a track:)

  13. .....too late in my case!
  14. All those who require B1 to be promoted but have yet to attend one can be selected but as Heart Stopper said you will have a flag by your name saying Requires to comp relevent Couse.