[b]"witch wives" who are above themselves[/b]

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i am currently posted in Germany and have only been here for 6 months but i am already finding it hard to keep my mouth shut when in the presence of a so called "rank wife"
i apologise now if i offend anyone but it annoys me when a wife of a rank fusilier cannot bear the thought of talking or even be seen in the same air space of a plain old fusilier wife....... do they think that us "non rank" wives are abnormal or are no more of a woman than they are i know my age doesnt help as i am only 19 but i know how to behave i am polite and i can have a laugh when need be, but if these wives cant bring them self to see us for who we are insted of making sure we all know "who their hubby's are" then im sorry but i would rather them just stay away and not make it so obvious that they think they are better...... does anyone agree that this happens and that it is annoying :lol:
Had a knock at my door once, to be met by the lady i recognised as the leader of the play group my nipper attended. She introduced herself as "Mrs Maj D*****". As well as wearing her old mans rank, she proved during the conversation to be thick as a whale omlette and totally unfit to hold the position she did, and took massive offence at being told so.

The latest one came from some Officers kids. I'd told them to stop doing stunts on their skateboards around my car. They skated away shouting about how their dad was my boss and how i was well in the smelly. Oh bloody really!!!!

Mrs Boney tends to ignor those who cant drop their spouses rank, let them sit in the corner of the "stitch and bitch" with the few others who've got their heads rammed firmly up their own arrses.

It was ever so

I even remember a Birthday party when we were overseas ,where the child guests ,aged 6-10 were told to arrive in order of rank!

Does the Family rank problem seem to really manifest itself overseas?
I think it tends to. The community overseas tends to be closer. Come to think of it, i've never seen the situation rear its ugly head in Blighty.

Whilst i will have a go at civilians who carry rank, it must be said that the vast majority of the community are far more mature than that and are usually more than happy to make friends with people from the "other patch".

On a similar subject, what also gets my goat is civil servants who try and carry rank. When messing status is given and they assume that they are actually that rank. Gets right up my nose.

You should try being a junior rank married to a commissioned one - officers wives can really get their knickers in a twist then! They don't know how to talk to you, especially when you make it clear that they are the intellectual equivalent of a gnat, you have a great working relationship with their husbands (occasionally wives) and you still require their respectful treatment because your spouse could get pissed off with theirs. What a hoot! Especially since you make it clear to them that you wouldn't be seen dead living in quarters with a load of old officer families.

It doesn't exactly reflect my feelings but if you use their snobbish, ignorant prejudices against them the poor little darlings are helpless (like shooting fish in a barrel).
Yes, seen lots of it. Spouses, kids, civil servants, teachers, BFBS DJs and even staff car drivers who stop where they want to, ignore roadsigns and think they assume their boss's rank.
We have an officers wife who refuses to attend the "stitch and bitch" my wife goes to because she thinks the other officers wives are "not the right type" - she consequently wonders apparently why nobody else on the patch will talk to her.

One of my wifes best friends is the wife of one of my SNCOs. its not all as bad as the minority make out.
Going back a few years....

All the brats were getting vacinated at the med centre and they asked for people to help out....

My mum being a qualified RGN at the time offered her services... only to over hear some ruperts wifey say... "but she's Pte ******* wife... she cant be a nurse"
cait said:
Going back a few years....
Another pad-brat story. Dad's talking to the OC's wife, very jodhpurs and quilted bodywarmer.

"Ai was thinking of talking to mai waives"..
--"But I though you were married to ****" (wry grin, raised eyebrow)
<giggles>"No, silly, mai husband's waives"
--"What, your husband has more than one wife?" (shock horror)
<horsey laugh>"No, Ai mean mai husband's soldiers' waives"

Ridicule - the best medicine.
A couple of years ago in Germany .......

We received a letter from the local (Brit) school which was signed by the headmaster but included in the signature block ....

Lt Col (EMR)

On questioning him (I knew he was civvy) apparently EMR stood for .......

Equivalent Military Rank !!!!

Oh how I laughed.


Oracle said:
A couple of years ago in Germany .......

We received a letter from the local (Brit) school which was signed by the headmaster but included in the signature block ....

Lt Col (EMR)

On questioning him (I knew he was civvy) apparently EMR stood for .......

Equivalent Military Rank !!!!

Oh how I laughed.
The problem is that these feckers believe it! When I was a relatively new Lt I was in Cyprus for a month or so, living in the garrison mess at Epi. I parked 'my' Phivos motors hire car, entirely legitimately, in a space conveniently close to the building I was in but was then hunted down by some lardarse gutbucket, with a goatee beard, telling me to move my car as he was a Brigadier and needed the space. Being naive, I moved my car but then checked who he was. He turned out to be some MOD civsec type, so I thought 'feck him', and moved the car back. This dickwad then came into bar and started shouting at me, 'ordering' me to give up my parking space: he received a traditional two fingered response.
My wife taught in a school in germany a few years back and on arrival was lectured by the head on the standards expected by his teachers, he was to be treated as a CO and she was viewed as a subbie. He then went on to tell her the armies policy on rank relationships and she wouldnt do herself any favours to fraternise with any of the local soldiers and which of the local officers messes would she like an invite to?

Since we're swinging the lantern here;

I remember reading the letters page in the Sixth Sense in the early 90's, and an officers wife wanted seperate queues from ORs wives in the NAAFI . Said she was sick of their cheap conversations and didn't like queing with women wearing high heeled shoes with run hills.

Dunno if it was genuine or a wind up, but it worked....the replying letters came flooding in.
A mate of mine in the Micks used to tell of being bollokced by the local headmaster in the British Club in Berlin. "Do you know I'm brigadier status?" He demanded hysterically. "Ah Charlie, have you met Brigadier Status?" etc etc
I recall a civvy locum doctor in NI who used to get letters addressed to her as 'Honorary Major'.

When I was at RAF(H) Wegberg medical records were filed under surname and service number. Dependants and UKBCs were filed at the end under surname. ROs regularly used to become apoplectic because they were filed under UKBCs, even though this was their status. Rank-carrying by wives was also common, though the RAF tends to be less affected by this than the Army.

More recently, during a Germany tour, I came across several cases of this sort of snobbery; in one case a particularly nasty group of wives started a little campaign to have three or four families moved out of a block of flats because their husbands were not in the same Coy!
OOOOOOHHH we have that here as well, don't worry hon it's not just you guys that have it. I think it's sad really. (with our lads your not ment to talk to others outside your DH trade either... its' sad)

(sorry am using his log on so I don't have to do one of my own!lol)
My mum in law was an army wife also back in the 80's in Germany.When warning me about rank wives she also told me a funny story.She said when she moved in to the plat on base with her hubby his bosses wife came over to welcome her.She was apparentley rather well to do but nice all the same.She said "If theres anything atall you need help with or would like to borrow just pop round anytime". My mum in law thanked her and got on with her unpacking 2 minuites later her bosses wife was back asking to borrow a cup of sugar!!!!!
I love it when i used to be on the gate and the RSMs other half would stroll up expecting to just roll in without showing any form of ID we knew who she was but we hater her attitude, it would have me in fits when she came out with "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM" :lol:
Families' day on board, a brat (10 ish) is making an unsafe nuisance of himself and wouldn’t take a telling from one of the ABs. After a transgression too far, the AB none too gently moved the brat from danger. The brat starts shouting: "you can’t do that to me, I'm telling my dad".

"Who is your dad?"

"The Captain".

AB cringes as the brat heads to the bridge. Moments later, the ominous pipe, "AB ----- report to the Captain".

AB goes up to the bridge, Captain’s boy is standing next to his dad looking very smug.

"AB ----, did you lay hands on my son?"

"Yes Sir but he was……"

SMACK! Brat bursts into tears.

Captain growls at his brat, "Next time one of my men tell you to do something, you do it". "Good lad AB ---- carry on".
I totally agree with you. They sometimes act as if they are better than you. They have to remember that their husbands all had to start from somewhere. It is just small minded people. I am not saying everyone is like this, because that would not be fair.
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