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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by canteen_cowboy, Mar 28, 2005.

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  1. RAGYMAN, some advice, do not bother posting in the naafi, it will just be deleted

  2. What the fuck???

    This has got to be the biggest pile of bollocks I have ever read on here. Suggest you find a much bigger hill and take a hoofing great running jump off it.
  3. Ah! So the art of diplomacy ISN'T dead then?! :lol:
  4. Ragy, go out into your dads Garage and lift an anvil up high over your head.

    Look up..... then move your arms rapidly into the Attention position and wait.
  5. Ragy,

    A: You're a cnut for going up there with no nav aids.
    B: You're a chav, therefore a cnut.
    C: You're attention seeking, therefore a cnut.

    The prosecution rests, m'lud!
  6. Can we burn him???!!! :twisted: :lol:
  7. Did you assert your authority ?

    Did you kick him in the cnut?

    Are you back paddling because you just read it and are now feeling suicidal?

    In order to prove what you are saying is truth, get a digi cam and crimp off a finger from each hand and a toe off each foot and force them up your nostrils. Then go home and shove an eccles cake up yer dads Bot and seal yer mums flaps up with a hot butter knife.

    Then we'll let you play :)
  8. Send her my way afterwards and i'll unseal em with a hot beef bayonet. :twisted:
  9. D: You post porn links, therefore are a cnut.
  10. I speak 3 different languages (badly) but can someone translate this gibberish for me?
  11. Your account - your problem. Get a grip on him.
  12. I'm a latecomer here so it looks like I missed Ragyman's latest antics. I must admit I'd have thought he'd have f*cked off by now or at the very least been too busy with his provisional ACC. What has the silly Bast*** done this time?

    Ragyman. For your info there was a forum topic about who folks would like to see executed by firing squad. Strangely enough you cropped up.