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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sad_stacker, Aug 17, 2005.

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  1. There have been a number of threads recently, coupled with a few newspaper articles concerning transferring to the Australian Army. I am half way through this process and have just received my formal offer/contract, and now have to apply for my Employer Nominated Sponsor visa. The Australians have always sought commonwealth military to join their forces but have recently increased their quota and are now actively seeking people to join them.

    The process, so far has been very easy and professionally run with regular updates and information. If anyone wants any first hand guidance or information rather than the bountifully 2nd/3rd hand rumour please feel free to contact me. And if there are any other applicants in the pipeline how about a chance to trade useful tips on making the move as painless as possible.
  2. I know 3 guys that moved over last year. All are very happy and doing well. One guy transferred as a Sgt last year and has just been picked up of the SNCO/WO commisssioning board.

    Know another guy who has also just been accepted and is going next year. Seems to be a good move - do your 22, get full pension, then leg it over to Oz.

    I'm going to visit in Oct, I'll ask for any useful tips and you can PM me when I return.
  3. have any of you ever worked with the aussies? dont belive the hype, the are crap and just as bad as yanks, but if they are offering a good incentive, its may be an option
  4. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Which units, where and for how long did you work with them ?
  5. Q1. What is the hype?

    Q2. In what way are they 'Crap and just as bad as yanks'.?

    Q3. As posed by Cutaway, "Which Units, where and how long did you work with them"?
  6. Same as above answers, how long etc.,
    or could be they just do it different from the way you are used to, because they tend to have different areas of ops?different terrain.
  7. Worked with the Aussie Signals, they seemed pretty good. Professional, well equipped, knew what they were doing. Just like us really but different uniform, weapons and accent.

    Strange that on first meeting in a dry country they asked us "where is your bar?", to be replyed with, "we were going to ask you that!!".
  8. It seems that Oz is on one of it's occasional trawls for fresh blood.


    I'm sure our Australian members can enlighten me, but my friends with the corky hats tell me that Sydney property prices have gone mental and are higher than those quoted in the BBC report.

    Seems they're short of hairdressers, too.

  9. As for Sniper 9's comments.

    I have worked with the Australian army in a number of countries, including Cambodia and Bosnia and have found them to be professional soldiers who enjoy a crack and a few beers. As for the Americans, I worked in the US in an exchange post, where I found there soldiers and officers to be a good bunch once you managed to break through the thick layer of red tape and bullshit that shrouds their military.

    The package being offered, I feel is worth it:

    Transfer at the same rank and seniority

    All expenses paid move

    Better wage to cost of living

    Australian citizenship after 90 days (rather than 3 years)

    Minimum ROSO of 3 years.

  10. may be just got the wrong impression, the lot out here in iraq are a right bunch of arrogant gits, but if the package is as good as you say, it might be worth a look.
  11. One point worth checking out - I knew a couple of lads who went down there and were told their pensions were transferrrable (as they had both completed around 12 years). Turns out that this was a myth - they have to start their pensionable service alll over again, and retain a preserved pension with the British Army which becomes payable at 60.

    Obviously this won't be an issue if you complete 22 years here first, and then go down with a pension already in payment.
  12. Unfortunately Brit pensions are not index linked in Australia.
  13. Hope you like the idea of the Northern Territory- remember Bushtucker Man? As much going on as the Arabian desert, but with the added bonus of every living organism being able to kill you.


  14. I think his log in name says it all mate. Sniper?....yeah right. SOme little naff from the QDG.
  15. Slightly off topic I know, but I read a lot of posts from Brits saying the cost of living in Australia is a lot cheaper. As an indicator can any Brits out there tell me 1) How much is a pint at your local?
    2) How much is a packet of smokes?
    3) How much per gallon is petrol?
    At my local a schooner (375ml) is $2.50, packet of 25 of my brand smokes is $9.50, petrol $1.20 per litre, what that is in gallons I have no idea.

    ps: sniper, take a mirror to bed and fcukin' wake up to yourself.