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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Invictus_88, Sep 29, 2003.

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  1. We need our-own political party because we so evidently cannot trust any of those currently standing to do a good job.
    I'm looking for ideas about where 'The ARRSE Party' would stand on different issues. (MOD spending can be assumed already though!)

    With regard to the poll above if, like me, you don't trust any of them then just don't vote on it and jot your ideas for an ARRSE-party here...
  2. Green= Hippies who care more about animals than people. They'll likely bad all our nasty smoky guns, tanks, artillery and send our Cav back to horseback.

    Labour= Liars, decietful and haven't really done anything good yet. Spam-poodles.

    Conservative= A little dull, didn't work too well before from what i hear
    (Before my time!..well...almost)

    Liberal Democrats= left wing neo-commies, anti-monarchy, anti-foxhunting, pro soft-drugs and lax on the harder ones.

    BNP= Nazis, we already fought the buggers, we don't want to invite them back here.
  3. Firstly, is it a legitimate tactic to initiate posts on your own thread? Whaddya trying to do? Boost ya ratings?

    Hmmm...a knotty issue nonetheless. In the past, the Services traditionally benefitted under the old socialist labour party, as they were intent on shredding the nuclear deterrant and so went to some lengths to bolster the conventional forces.

    On the other hand, the conservatives were always quite keen to ramp up Defence spending to protect mother England from the Russian hordes. Bit of bad luck there are no more Russian hordes....other than those doing a shady deal around Larnaca.

    SNP would ahave us all wearing skirts and woad.

    The answer? Wish I knew. Anyone who will introduce another round of redundancy....I'm a bit short of readies right now.
  4. I must admit to feeling a wee bit anceint because I, albeit vaguely, remember what this country was like before Thatcher, and that being the case I would NEVER vote for anybody but Tories.

    Two points about the army and the country pre-Thatcher for you young 'uns.

    The army and soldeirs were paupers before the Tories. You couldn't afford to get married or have kids before that, you just couldn't afford. The Tories were the first party top start improving the wages. I remember it well because not only was I a squaddie in the early eighties, but prior to that I was a pad brat in Germany!

    Even before that though, my memory of the last Labour Government, and what the country was like was this. We were an eight person family, living in a flat/close in Dundee, 1 bedroom, kitchen, living room and a toilet. No bath, no hot water, no double glazing or anything; we went to the swimming baths for a bath, literally. Outside the streets were still cobbled and there was still gas lamps with a man that came round with a light at night and snuffed them out in the morning. That lot sounds all eighteenth century, but that was the Dundee of the mid to late seventies.

    Another thing to chew on. Bliar told the unions recently that he would not give up the hard won benefits of the past twenty years. Now ask yourself, who instigated those hard won benefits and who spent all that time in power that he's talking about?

    I'm not for the Tories because I'm some kind of acolyte, but people forget what this country was like before the Tories, and we came a long way with them, hard at times, but now well worth it.
  5. I don't make a habit of agreeing with you Shotgun but....I have to agree with you. My only misgiving is the fact that they do not have anybody capable of leading the party into an election and winning. IDS? Brrrr...he gives me the creeps! Do you think we could get Jacko to go into politics? He's as wrinklly as Maggie!
  6. ..Oh, it looks like the forces are mostly for the tories then. And, which surprised me, there haven't been any snide comments, or gushing praise, or anything really about the Guards and IDS.

    Nevermind, i suppose it'll come later...
  7. I honestly don't know, but what I do know is that IDS hasn't really been given the chance to shine at all; he's been in Bliars shadow and under that massive PR machine for so long. I would say that he could only really come out, or anybody with the Tories, as an election looms and they start to go for it. I don't think anybody would shine in that job until they had had time to grow into it. Look at Hague? A really good bloke, and a really good orator that had Bliar round his little finger, but that wouldn't cut it, not unless Bliar started to mess up as he has done recently. I think IDS could come good if he was given the chance.

    Don't forget that Bliar was nothing before the New Labour project started the marketing campaign, and his charisma and strength is a myth too. He is tongue tied when confronted and for six years has dodged the press and interviews unless they are staged. I saw him once speechless when facts were put in front of him, and he answered questions that hadn't even been asked.
  8. I served with the Guards for two years, and there's one thing that surprised me about them and about their officers, and that is that thre are good ones, and arsseholes. The coldcreams were good infantry, much better than the grens, and there was one officer that was a real shitbag and thought he knew best over NCO's and experience, but there were just as many that were good blokes once you got them outside the stuffy confines of camp and were happy to learn and accept that they didn't know everything. One of the best CO's I saw was a Guards CO too. In camp they are in the main ********* because of tradition, but take them out of that environment and they are the same as any unit.
  9. It's good the hear about the guards. All i ever hear is from the history-books or myth, legend and rumour.
  10. ALL good stuff, I'd vote for a govt that would put a bit of pride back into the country. (NOT RACIST BNP SHIT) Sorry to bring the spams into it again but if you go over there you will see flags every where, some of them huge! They are proud as Fcuk!
    Most of our lot seem to be turning into appologists. People in this country are becoming more selfish(look how they drive!)It all comes down to personal discipline, each generation gets softer than the last,and its vurtually imposible to reverse but can be stopped before it gets too far.
    I can't believe the Lazyole demi2wats farty want to stop locking up burglars for instance whats that all about?I think we should be alowed to boot fcuk out of them! So soz Charles Kennedy you get nul pwa!
    The idea of making parents accountable has some merits since in many cases I think poor upbringing can be to blame, I think the Education system has had a lot to do with it as well,their experiment failed but it took them 20 yrs to find out.
    Then you get ill disciplined poorly educated kids being bombarded with adverts saying you must have this that and the other, they dont have the drive to get out and earn the lifestyle so they just go out and nick the trappings of it or use crime to get it!
    Oh Fcukit Ill stand. Burrawannabigstick! :evil:
  11. Unfortunately I too am old enough to remember Army life before Maggie. On election night we decided to have a beer for every conservative gain.

    I recall I was bladdered and serenading the big white telephone by about 9pm!

    Not sure about the details behind the pay rise. I certainly remember it but was under the impression that most of the cash was allocated in Jim Callaghan's last budget and Maggie took the credit for it. However I'm willing to defer to any other old sweat's superior memory.
  12. I am not old enough to remember life before Maggie - God bless her cotton socks for standing up to the Argies and breaking union power if nothing else.

    I do, however, remember, being told in 1984 by a Sgt in the now defunct Pay Corps that he had once had to explain to an infantry private how, despite having been given a wacking big pay rise, he was actually worse off. I recall the date of that chat being around 1975/76 (mid term labour govt).

    I can't say I'm a fan of the Conservatives defence (!) policy - Options for Change and all that. However, I have to say that Labour have been even worse. Don't believe me? Well, despite that headline defence budget increase last year, the defence budget is still (and will remain) smaller than it was Labour came to power in '97. And this from a govt that has made more use of the Armed Forces since they came to power than any other (Kosovo / Macedonia / Sierra Leonne / Fire Strike / Iraq). That clinches it for me. I'll be voting Conservative again.

    Add to that the fact that I agree T Bliar and co are throwing away the gains we made during the Conservative era and I don't see how else to vote. (Like the idea of voting for a party who will jail even less criminals and want more eurpean integration [less democracy in layman speak] appeals!)