B*tch Fight! (Someone throw in the Mud.)

I have noticed that a few of the threads have disolved into an all out fight between two ARRSE members.

Amusing as it is it does distract from the original thread so i have made this one so you can sort it out.

AND so we all can have a bloo*y good laugh at the same time.


And................    BOX!!!

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: ;D ;D ;D ;D :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:



War Hero
I can't see where I am myself, as your FAT AR*E is in the bloody way!!!! hahaha ;D ;D

I'm bloody good are'nt I?
I can see you perfectly well you are about to be trod on by my boot!! ;D, and its quite dark so i cant see your face properly,which is a definately a good thing!! ;D


War Hero
Believe me Girl!!  If you seen me in real life - You'd give your 2 arms to look like me, and I just know it!!!

Are you a Lesbo by any chance???  You definetaly sound like one, or have you been there and done it - They make me bloody sick the fuc*ing minge munchers!!  Remember I only asked............................And obviously your gonna deny it!!!!

Come on, tell us the truth.............Your a FAT SWEATY LESBO WITH MORE HAIR ON HER TOP LIP THAN A JAMAICAN'S DREADLOCKS!!!!!!  hehehe ;D
Well if you have been speaking to someone i know,who you reckon you have then you will know full well i am not a lesbian and have absolutely no desire to be,they make me feel sick.You are obviously one of those people who fancies the pants off themselves and i think thats sad too!!!.Is it that you are a lesbo and are trying to make yourself feel better?? ???,do tell and i cant wait to hear your wonderful excuse ;D


War Hero
That post is something an 'ugly' person would say!!!!

And yes I do love myself..........and so do many others love me, Do I sense some JELOUSY on the subject????
Thinking that lots of others love you just goes to show how vain you really are  ;D never mind we all like to boost our own confindence from time to time, pity that you seem to blow your trumpet all the time though!!! ::)


War Hero
Why do'nt you go and BLOW SOME TRUMPET!! Haha

It might get you somewhere in life, as your boring posts certainaly wont!!! :eek: :eek:
This is one hell of a spectator sport..... go on girls, keep the boys happy while they sip ther pints and pretend not to watch ...rip each others clothes off  ;D ;D ;) ;) ::) ::) :p :p :eek: :eek:
Oh haha,oops sorry thats your favourite phrase isn't it??  ;D,and i dont feel the need for musical instruments i'm afraid so you'll just have to amuse yourself "this one time at band camp...leeanne... ;D"and happily to say i am already where i want to be in my life,stop trying to compensate for what you wish you had!!!  ;D
;D ;D ;D ::) ::) ::) ;D ;D ;D ::) ::) ::) ;D ;D ;D ::) ::) ::)


War Hero
Ooohh God,

Your seriously BORING me now, now I understand why you joined the Army - It's because your family at home were on the verge of topping themselves as they were sick of hearing your fat SH*TE!!  So you took it upon yourself to join the Army, and us poor bas*ards, with lives, have to sit back and listen to it!!!

Do you actually have any mates?

If so, I bet they resemble the type out of Prisoner Cell Block H!!Haha - You know, BEANFLICKERS!!! ;D ;D
I say you both post photos of yourselves and thet the masses judge you.  :p
There goes that sooooooooo boring and very old and dated HAHA again, everyone must be sick of hearing that by now,god ! i know i am  ;D.,and as for prisoner cell block h,you must been one of those sad ba****ds that watched it,what was it a secret crush on all those women in there,getting what you so badly wanted...... some attention hmmmm?? :p


War Hero
Why do'nt you take your big fat hairy face for a sh*t!!

I do'nt think you've ever had an arguement in your life, as you certainly do'nt know how to win one!!

I do'nt have any problems with sending a pic in, but i'm already on a German website on the net which included a night at the Dockside bar, with some German pop group (well that's what they said they were)!!  Not a very good picture of me though - I'm fuck*ng minging - too much beer I think!  Then again you never look right on pictures whilst on the p*ss! ;D ;D

As for you, Lesbo Changer!
What Regt are you with?? I fancy finding you so I can kick your fu*king horse teeth in!! Hahaha
I've never had so much fun in my life playing this game with you - There's sooo much excitement is'nt there??NOT!!! ;D
Go on then.. what's the address? PM if you like..


War Hero
oh, sh*t - Sorry, I forgot!!

You'll see pictures of 8 ugly geezers come up, on the left hand side of them, you'll se a list of bars/pubs..................Click on dockside, then the pictures of me are the very last 2 on that page!! If u click on them, they do get bigger!!  Be gentle people, I was minging!!!!!!!
Back on the lesbo thing....if ever you do get down and dirty the 2 of you, would you mind filming it?....Ta! It's just the vid of Sweaty Betty from the "shop" at the big white College of Knowledge outside Camberly has been doing the rounds for years and my copy's worn out. I'm sure the sprogs would appreciate a change.

Ta again.

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