Discussion in 'RAC' started by marshall22, Feb 24, 2007.

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  1. I signed up for tank crewman with the RAC, passed the BARB test and the first medical so all i needed to do was pass the physical and i could start learning to be a tankie. Two weeks before the trip to the Physical test centre and i sprain my pissing ankle playing football with mates on the most UNEVEN pitch you could want to find. Now i have about 3 months of my defferal period left untill i can finally get in and its killing me. You probablary dont really want to know but i had to just write it down because otherwise i could kill someone im so fuc#ed off. Anyone got any info on the QRH and are they good lads in there? Cheers :frustrated:
  2. Why don't you change the litle of the thread to "QRH - good lads?"
  3. It's as good as it gets in the QRH. Good bunch of lads, good working environment. Lots going on for everyone.
  4. Watch out for any ganger green clones...............
  5. Falls off chair.

    Indeed so;
    Shiny things to dress up in, Donkeys to wallop and silly old barstewards to tell you lies.

    Don't think I've missed anything... :thumleft:
  6. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    An inability to drink copious amounts of beer
  7. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    A friend of mine is the sister of a guy I served with in the 70s. A year or two back she was pleased as punch that his son, her nephew, had decided to go into recce, even if it was with the 9/12L, and he'd be training at Winchester (which came as a surprise to me because Winchester was my last posting and I still work there: didn't realise that RAC crewmen did training in my neighbourhood). The lad's father wasn't exactly impressed at his son not following him into 15/19H (okay LD) but there it was.

    So I showed enthusiasm and wished him well and looked forward to seeing them at his passing out (I suspect it was last February: where have the years gone?).

    Then it was announced that he was on hold while they repaired his knee after some similar injury to that described. The Army would have kept him on until he was fit again, but ultimately he walked. I guess it saved him from a career in 9/12L.

    Our squad in training had a lad who had done a year, mostly awaiting a knee that would enable him to complete his training. He did it again, deep into trade training and walked ... or rather limped.

    Then there was a lad Wor Lass knew. He was an apprentice for the Gunners (no the football team, not the Dropshorts). Did his knee and they discarded him like last night's pizza box. So he joined the Marines and apparently made a goos career for himself whilst ticking two fingers up at the Gooners. I know which salary scale I'd rather be on though.
  8. Oh dear, such jealousy. Frankly gentlemen - I appalled. :shakefist:
  9. Am you?
  10. Am yes.
  11. Im still with The Queens Royal Hussars and we are the best lads you can find(honest). What do you want to know???
  12. Can KD join up again in case there's another war?
  13. Im not sure if KDs little black boxing boots would last nowaday's!!!
    Whats your plans for Paddy's day GDav????
  14. Aye but they might need somebody to paint a muriel in the Cpl's Mess?

    I was going to Catterick mate but I've had to pull out because of illness.
  15. Whats Muriel look like then mate? I hope she's a good looking bint otherwise you will be putting everybody off thier beer, espiecially 'Ski'!!! :blowkiss: