B + S finisher?? Some help please

Hey guys. Goin away for ADSC tomorrow at lichfield and my first job choice is building and structural finisher. But have been just speaking to my friend whos back from Afghanistan tomorrow, he was strongly advising me to go for something different. He said all you really do is painting and a bit of plastering, all the rest is just combat engineering. He knows this because hes been doing it fort 3 years+. They make this job look amazing with all the different trades u learn but is this true about u dont learn as much as they make out? If so i might change my job choice after i pass.
Thanks for the help!
There is more to being a B&SF than plastering and painting such as glazing, tiling, sign writing etc.
Yes i no their is SUPPOSED to be. But my friend has said he only ever does painting and plastering really. Just wondering if anyone else had some experience or heard anything about this job?

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