[b]Relic of the COLD WAR[/b]

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Pablo, Dec 1, 2003.

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  1. What ever happened to adventure training like snow queen? where the duty sprog officer was bullied into taking all the Squadron urkins away on a two week bender somewhere in Bavaria (usually Sontofen). The mini bus would be full of yellow handbags and all inside would be leaping from the night before. The smell of applecorn and geross gas heavy in the air.
  2. ahhhhhhhhhhhh :!: :!: :!: memories :lol:
  3. Still goes on, all be it in a very reduced form. There are very few 'Ski Huts' left and it's all a multi Regt/Corps thing. One or two people from each unit gather in both Bielefeld and JHQ and a couple of coaches head south.

    I'm not sure that they have as much fun as we used to 'way back then' but if they don't it's their own fault :)
  4. They Ski now :!: :!: :!: .................... wow
  5. :? How do you get all those fancy pictures into your replies :?: :?: :?: [/quote]
  6. Can you remember there was a duty student on each day, and he/she had to pick up the still baking bread rolls in the morning, then assist the chef with the breekie, then help clean the hut ! Excellent stuff.
  7. And you'd always try to do the 'Adventure trg first name rules' - which worked fine until the first murder/rape/arson incident, and it all flicked back to 'Yes Sir/Sarn't'....
  8. The packed lunches you had to make yorself were fantastic, all those rich pate's fresh bread rolls, mouths watering just thinking about it! Then, all washed down with a hot choclate with double cream and brandy in. Yea life was tuff on pist. :D
  9. I also recall the first week was generally Langlough, a most unpleasant week of beastings by the "hut PTI" Hhhmmmm! Not all fantastic memories :!:
  10. Tony Sharabang was the Hut monster in Wertach for a long while. So was Pete G$$n. They were the days. Work hard - play hard. Jäger Tee in the afternoon before taking the last lift. Getting minced on the pist was fun. Then there was the plastic bag races from the middle station of the Nebel Horn or Fell Horn. No way can you do that now. Harmless fun has been banned by the Morale Police.
  11. Wish :roll:
  12. Wish :roll:
  13. I wish I was sking, instead Im stuck here in 'The camp that time forgot!' Wattisham :(
  14. It's not that I dont like Wattishambut It really is arse! 8O