B & Q - more rubbish than ever?


Think my most surreal moment in a B&Q was me nipping in quickly on my way home to grab some sandpaper, couldn't see any on the shelves so collared one of the apron chaps

*Teeth sucking* "Sand paper? No sorry not here."

I was waiting for the punch line then he must have seen the look starting to spread across my face as I began to realise he was deadly serious.

He apologised again and said B&M next door had some then toddled off
I thought that this was the beginning of the end...but the shops I've visited over the last couple of weeks have empty shelves...stock not being replaced. I wonder...
It'd be a shame if they closed here, as they are the closest place for wood (however sh1te}, including free offcuts for a donation. Otherwise, flush 'em.