Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chimera, Jul 1, 2006.

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  1. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

  2. The officers obviously don't know about the Sex Pistols, winning a court case about their album 'Never Mind the Bol-locks'

    It was proven, that it is an old saxon word or something :p

    edited 'cos of that damned sensor :evil:
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Maybe a picture of a horses arrse with bLairs face on it would be more apt?
  4. just his face after you have skinned it off his skull...................now there is a nice thought......feckin cnut.
  5. Bol locks also Ballocks
    mid 18th century, German origin.

    Vulgar Slang for the testicles.
    also nonsens,rubbish(used to express contempt or disagreement,or as and exclamation of annoyance)

    From the OED.
  6. To add to my above post:

    A week after its release, a policewoman spotted a window display in a record shop which consisted of a dozen Sex Pistols posters and album covers, all with the "B" word prominently displayed.

    She marched into the shop, ordered the display to be dismantled and arrested the manager, who was charged under the Indecent Advertising Act.

    The case, heard in the central city of Nottingham later that month, revolved around the alleged indecency of the word bollocks — British slang for testicles.

    The decisive evidence came from James Kingsley, a professor of English at Nottingham University and a former priest, who successfully argued that the word was accepted slang and had been in use for centuries.

    He explained that a bollock was an Anglo-Saxon word meaning "small ball." Bollocks was also 18th century slang for clergymen, owing to their reputation for talking nonsense, or, in common parlance, a load of old balls.

    Kingsley won the day, the shop manager was acquitted and the Pistols' notoriety was assured.

    So I think she could now sue for unlawful arrest or something :twisted:
  7. The sentiment of 'Bollocks To Blair' may reflect how many people feel but I agree this woman should have been apprehended. She is 20 and should be setting an example to minors, a tee-shirt with this description is deplorable. If standards have dropped to these depths of social responsibility then who will be left to set the correct example to children? Unless of course we are naive to beleive that children will not be affected by such slogans. That is why we have censorship.
  8. Where can I buy a T-Shirt?
  9. Here.
  10. Clearly I'm a little more subtle - my screen saver text reads "Bolleaux to Bliar"!
  11. No, deplorable would have been a T-shirt bearing the slogan Bliar is a Cnut - though (as it is technically correct) it probably would have stood in court. Anyhow, the word Beaulocks means 'beautiful hair' in French... probably. And have you heard the filth that miners come out with these days?
  12. Detail of the case where 'Bol**cks' was proved to be not offensive on the forum below:

    FUME in the Forum

    It is in the 'Democracy and Freedom of Speech' forum - I couldn't work out how to link directly to the page. I have also sent the link to Splash Clothing who are the people who made the original shirts, suggesting that they let their retailers know in case one of them has the time, energy and money to take a test case forward.

    If we all buy them, they can't arrest everyone. I've ordered mine:

    Splash Clothing

    As you say, Stalinist Britain is alive and well, and it is a serious concern that the Police have managed to slip so easily from being the defenders of the people to defenders of the state apparatus.
  13. So you can stand in london waving banners calling for the bombing and beheading of innocent britons and not a thing is done, but a young girl dares to wear a t-shirt saying bollocks to blair and she is arrested, Fcuk me i've had enough of this im away to get a t-shirt saying "behead blair" Then cover my skin with dark tan boot polish, should be safe from prosecution then
  14. cynical are we :?: :?: :?: :?:

    mind you i am in total agreement :D :D :D :D