B*llocks to Blair T-shirt vendor fine dropped


Talked to this chap at the Game Fair when being all subversive (is that a black helicopter I see hovering??) and buying mine- pity he's retired now as he was definitely fulfilling a need!

Any guesses for how much this rubbish has cost the legal system?

I remember getting lobbed out of a 'nice' pub for wearing a Dead Kennedys 'Too Drunk to F*ck' shirt in about 1990 - haven't noticed anyone getting prosecuted for selling those.
Note that the BBC site has a link to Norfolk Constabulary but not to the company still supplying the T-shirts?

Or should that be in the BBC bias thread?
Get your Bollocks to Blair T-shirts here.

I've just ordered one - tenner plus postage. A nice souvenir even if he is off shortly. The Broon ones are available soon I understand.


I wear mine with pride. Indeed almost compulsory in my local.

Took great pleasure explaining the wording to a French guy in the Alps a few weeks back.

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