Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by FredWest, Apr 20, 2010.

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  1. After a spate of incidents with my eldest lad over the past few weeks, the cup of fury ran over last night, after yet again taking a phone call from the Ex about his behaviour.

    The young offender is placed on the phone by the Ex, whereas he was to received his usual b*llocking, however, FredWest Jr, starts getting a little bit lippy to his old dad down the phone, and I lost the plot.

    Told him to pass the phone to the Ex, and told her I'd be there in 10.

    As I put the phone down, went in the house to get the car keys, mumbling to myself, "I'm gonna fcuking kill him", the current squeeze, tells me to take 5, have a fag, and calm down before racing over there and committing what was probably going to be some sort of war crime, anyway, fag finished, but the mumblings are still there, he was just about to be an Ex FredWest Jr.

    Sped over to the Ex's house, straight in the door and up the stairs, where my eldest is sat on his bed, I then proceed to issue the biggest b*llocking he’s ever had, there was swearing (now I’ve never sworn in front of the kids), and lots of shouting, I’d lost the plot with him, I’ve never been so angry with either of my lads, and to be honest, the little git shat himself.

    After my piece had been said, and I calmed down we had a one to one chat, about his behaviour, gave him a man hug, but still gave the Scarborough Warning.

    Anyway, no need to go into the rest of it, however, I’ve never felt so guilty for anything in my life, as I did as I drove home.

    Am I an evil W@nker, bearing in mind, I’m extremely laid back with the pair of them, and this may or may not be why it’s taken a b*ollocking like he got last night to wake him up!

    Thoughts and experiences ladies/gents, please.


    Edited to say he's almost 11
  2. He'll survive. And probably thank you for it in years to come! Of more concern, how did the former 0A take it?

    Edit for mong spelling. :oops:
  3. You did right, kids need guidance. I still remember racing back home one night when the eldest overstepped the mark. The bathroom door still bears the mark of my cbh where I had to apply a little force. I never laid a finger on the lad but by god we established exactly who was Alpha Male in the house.

    The wife obviously :p
  4. Better a bollocking now than going to fetch him from the nick/morgue later.

    As its the NAAFI, man up ye big wet lettuce! :)
  5. Tough love is sometimes necessary to enforce boundaries and acceptable behaviour. Your call as a parent but probably appropriate in the circumstances. I'd say the follow up was more important though!

    Far too sensible for the NAFFI though!
  6. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    [Straight Answer]

    No - it is called tough love and teenage kids will always push their boundaries. They will do it more so when their parents are no longer together as they naturally have an more opportunity to play one against the other than they would if the parents are still together.

    You did the right thing and if he just plays you and his mum, but behaves in front of everyone else - then you haven't done badly.

    [/Straight answer Off].

    You fecking hermer - why didn't you get the nipple clamps out and do some waterboarding on the little scrote so he knows what a real b0llocking is about.

    Grow a pair - feeling guilty....herumph....mutter mutter....not in my day......what has the world come to when we have caring parents.....herumph.
  7. Its tough love mate, sounds like a bollocking is a rare thing which is the way it should be, so he'll sit up and take notice.

    You did the right thing.
  8. I find that a sharp, sudden sucking on their anus, until it resembles a boiled chantarelle mushroom, works wonders.
  9. Isn't that against the law?
  10. I knew I could rely on a little piss taking to make me feel a little better, the Ex OA was downstairs with the youngest, pair of them sobbing but hopefully he'll learn from it, it's probably taken too long to issue but, he's been told in no uncertain terms that this is the way forward.

    Reason we're in the NAAFI, I thuoght the topic might raise some interesting experiences.

  11. so what did your nippa do then fred?

    and trust me he'll push again soon enough as if you never boll0cked him ..... I know I did and still do now in fact. Even tho I'm old enough to know better :D
    but the old dear scares me more with the Fing riolling pin.... not even allowed to use "bladdy" in her house without that thing coming into contact with me at a high rate of knots!
  12. Corrective, not punitive.
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  13. 5A was here:

  14. Been there - did exactly the same - felt like s..t but it had to be done. Sad thing was , my ex then got the poison tongue wagging and he never spoke to me again - ever - eight years later got killed in a car accident - mate driving like a ..... - However, think positive and watch him grow. Good luck.