B.Liars new job and US TV appearance

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Psypher, Sep 19, 2008.

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  1. B.Liar turned up on US TV last night promoting his new job as a lecturer at Yale University teaching a course on "Globalisation and Faith" :roll:

    He appeared on the Daily Show, the closest the Septic's have to political satire on television. A cringe-worthy episode:

    The interview starts about six minutes in.
  2. Wasn't he going to be a UN ambassador or something like that?
  3. I was uncommitted on the whole 'Does God exist' question, but his continued success - hell, mere existence - is proof that the answer's no. If it were yes, there'd be bright flash, a loud bang and a smoking pair of boots the moment he stepped outdoors. He's the manifestation of a remarkably bland form of evil.
  4. It seems he has time to do both jobs.

    What's particularly noteworthy about the interview was the direct questions asked by the interviewer, Jon Stewart, and B.Liar's total lack of answers. No surprise there really.
  5. Also not forgetting that he is juggling a £500,000 directorship with Goldman Sachs I believe.

    So he performs:
    Special Envoy to Middle East
    Directorship of a large Bank
    Lecturer in Globalism and Faith
    Almost permanently on Holiday at somebody else's expense with the ugly witch wife of his
    Conducting TV interviews all over.

    The guy is still a total fraud, and as good at the jobs above as he was prime minister - He is a total waste of space, sooner he drops dead the happier I will be.
  6. The Daily Show seems to be about Jon Stewart pointing out what a great,intelligent and witty person he(Jon Stewart) is without being very funny at all ,very much in the style of Blair's Premiership pointing out what a great leader, statesmen, politician and roaming world ambassador that he(Tony Blair ) is without offering any real substance or solutions to problems. I wish death by sand blaster to the both of them but would settle for a slow burning incurable cancer in both cases.
  7. "what a great leader, statesmen, politician and roaming world ambassador that he(Tony Blair ) is without offering any real substance or solutions to problems."

    Now I wish I could have said that, it sums up dear leader perfectly.
    Best I ever got was my first view of him
    Snake oil Salesman.
  8. Most of the british public have the measure of Bliar and his spin,with the gullible septics he'll get years out of them.
  9. The cnut couldn't look Jon Stewart in the eyes as he spouted his bollix, smoke and mirrors as per usual . Carpet bagger of the 1st water.
  10. Nothing at all surprising about any of his post-resignation appointments. It's payoff for being a good little Gauleiter of The Septic Protectorate of the UK PLC. Thatcher got international "ambassador" for Philip Morris and the lecture circuit in the US ( over $30,000 per hour...not bad money for talking hot air), Major got European chairmanship of the Carlyle Group and said lecture gig ( even though most people in Septicland neither know or care very much who he is/was)> I have always thought that recieving favours from foreign powers in return for cooperation, especially in times of "war", amounted to treason, a hanging offence. ( Although "Lord" Goldsmith tried to meddle with that...wonder why?). Maybe it only applies if you actually take the backhander whilst in office. If so, yes, a little modification of the treason laws does seem to be in order.
  11. Just caught the end as I was flipping through the channels - awful lot of mutual ego-rubbage in evidence there I thought ...
  12. Must rate as, up there with Blair's sofa chats with Richard and Judy. Would love to see him, sprout the same rubbish on British Channels and see whether the viewing public would lap it up.

    Well done for posting it PsyPrg - Blair seems to be of the opinion, that his time in office here, is without fault, and that he is without blame or responsibilty. Maybe, the history books will refer to that age old defence, "I was just following orders".