B.Liar apologises for slavery

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Mar 3, 2007.

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  1. 'Listen. Well, firstly I'd like to say, that it wasn't me. You
    know, I wasn't even born then, let alone, waging war on
    anyone. But obviously, it was a terrible thing. Slavery is,
    always, a terrible thing. And I'm sorry that people from this
    country - and indeed all the other countries, it wasn't just
    Britain after all - were involved in what was a pernicious,
    self-serving, immoral... state of affairs. Furthermore I'm
    sorry that Britain has such, a rich history, of ruthless
    barbarity and, even, bloodlust. I'm sorry that happened. I
    think the people who perpetuated it were, frankly, swine. But
    again, it wasn't me. So, to reiterate, I think it was a bloody
    disgrace, frankly, but it wasn't my personal responsibility.
    Now, moving on to the 60,000 civilians killed so far in Iraq,
    which I definitely did have a hand in...
  2. Yes we noticed- and you'll soon have eradicated all traces of the benefits of it. Cnut :frustrated:
  3. See that bloke bliar...He's a cnut he is.
  4. ...I'm still waiting for a formal apolagy from the Govts of Italy, Denmark & France for the sins inflicted upon my ancestors by theirs in the last 2000 years!
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I'd just like to er, apologise, albeit retrospectively, and in advance for the slightly . . . er, no actually totally bl00dy disgusting way, in which my predecessor erm, wotisfcae, er Bliar in the past, erm even though I personally had nothing to do with it, er I actually was er strongly against it in fact as you will find that the er records of the events of the time will show, anyway I digress, erm, that he shut down the long and glorious history of the United Kingdom before he er, sold it out, re-wrote the actualite and parcelled bits of it off to Europe and Botswana. This isn't to say that he er, wasn't somewhat right in apologising for the fact the the once . . . um, great nation that was the United Kingdom was the first to abolish slavery and er, then, erm, enforce that ban by sea blockades of countries that continued the trade around the coast of Africa.
  6. There is something sinister about these political celebrities "apologizing" for evils with which they had nothing to do to people on whom such evils were not inflicted.

    Is Mr. Blair unable to think of any matters as to which his apology really is due?
  7. I think he's sorry for being a cnut.

    Sorry mistyped it, he's a sorry cnut.
  8. I would like to apologise to the world on behalf of Britain for Tony Blair!
  9. It's totally ridiculous to apologise. How did we catch the slaves? Well, we didn't, they were brought to the ships already enslaved by tribes that had captured them in wars with them. We still see it today, black tribes fighting black tribes, it's been going on for centuries - usually resulting in genocide nowadays. Trouble is, all these apologists and politically correct people prefer not to talk about the truth of such things !

  10. Agreed. Most of the slaves were purchased from African and Arab slave traders. Don't see many apologies coming from those parts of the world. UK was the first major state to ban slavery and then used the post-Trafalgar control of the seas to fight it. Perhaps we are owed a few thanks?

    Blair has enough mistakes of his own to apologise for.
  11. I f*cking hate Blair and his wide mouthed frog of a Hamas terrorist supporting bitch wife. I hope the pair of them catch AIDs, Herpes, Club foot, Beri Beri and Vaginal Warts. Pair of c*cksuckers...W*nkers, tosspots...commie pinko scum...b*stards....shitstabbing f*ckers....c*nts....Leprosy, I hope they get that as well...knobbers....
  12. ... Well, I certainly wouldn't argue with you !
  13. Not this time.
  14. I second that. :viking:
  15. New keyboard required due to spiffy!!!!!