B-Liar and the Queen-Article

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Letterwritingman, Apr 7, 2005.

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  1. LWM, it appears you have to be a registered user to view and I cant be arrsed to register. Any chance of a summary?
  2. From 'The Spectator'

    I'm sure LWM can forward the rest by PM , or maybe it would be a good idea to register with the Spectator? It is a good read and worth registering..

    It also stops them breathing down our neck and throwing hissies about copyright and the like. Especially as their website mentions reproduction of articles etc.

  3. So elogantly put, the sooner removed from power, the better for this country :evil:
  4. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Unfortunately LWM, Bliar's seditious moves come as no surprise to any on site.
    The monarchy is amongst many other things, a British tradition, and as such is abhorrent to Bliar's new order.

    Am I in conflict with the Thought Police if I pray for a suitably gory and painful Biblical death upon him & his house ?
  5. Sod "Biblical Death" this isn't a Papist country. His head, on a spike,now. And hers. And Falconer and Alun Michael (I'll do that one meself and I won't even bother to shapen the axe.)
    They are the most constitutionaly dangerous bunch of politicians that this country has had since the Civil War - they are convinced that the fate of the nation revolves around them and not the other way round.
  6. Can we get Hoon onto a pike now while we're at it? Not just the head either, no point in wasting the time to cut it off.

    Does beg the question of why Chazza is going to the funeral. After all, if he's the heir apparent (and thus presumably the arch-heretic apparent), then you'd imagine he'd have at least as good a reason as the Queen to give it a miss.
  7. Not Biblical, perhaps a little Koranic though? Anyway decpitation is too good for Hoon.
  8. You seem to forget that many of the cabinet enjoy being impaled. Stop teasing them with the offer of anything on a pike.
  9. I registered (very simple and quick) and have read the first page of the article, the Blairs and their cronnies should be taken out and shot, preferably with .50Cal and not in the head so that they can suffer.

    Comments Like "my armed forces", "head of state", Cherrie Blair refusing to curtsy to the Queen. There is great play on Labours education policy, maybe education should start at home and they should be tought common curtesy.

    Rant, Rant, Rant. I try and ignore what the Blairs do but having read part of this article maybe I shouldn't.
  10. I think that my boss is becoming quite worried about the vitriol that pours forth from my mouth when the Bliar & / or members of his party & / or the Wide Mouthed Frog appears on the TV...
  11. My work colleagues believe I suffer from Tourettes a condition know to be made worse when exposed to images or auditory stimuli of the Clan Bliar and Neue Arbeit
  12. I don’t want to be the one to bring the vote thing up but if they don’t go this time stand by for some very serious changes. Not curtsying to HM will be the least of it. :cry:
  13. Never mind the curtsey, Acts of Parliament will require the Bliaral Assent before being enacted. The Order of the Bath will be renamed the Order of the Mouth and the OBE will become the Order of Perpetual Apologies for being Brillsers in the Nineteenth Century.

    The HCMR will become the Blairs and Non-Royals/Wifeguards. Euan will become the Prince of Whinges. The Oscar for best picture will be awarded to The Matrix Cahambers Reloaded...blah..blah. I could go on for hours but instead I am going to get my gun and shoot some pigeons, having scared them very badly in line with DEFRA policy!! :twisted:

    If I see a fox, I'll say nothing...
  14. Anybody see the Infanta Cherry at the Pope's funeral? Stomach churning.