[b]Is the retrade to VM going to mess up a VE's career ?[/b]

Discussion in 'REME' started by ApissedoffVE, Dec 21, 2003.

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  1. Now then gents. with the impending demise of VE's and the subsequent retrading of us all to VM's with the result of another 200 Cpl's dropped into the VM role chasing THE SAME AMOUNT OF SGT VACANCIES as before.

    I ask the question: Will this screw up promotion for VM's and will this also career foul the Ex VE's ?

    The good ol' boss man in his letter to VE's has stated that we will not be career fouled but I find this almost incredulous and I can't see how this can be achieved !!!

    Would you as an OC LAD give a higher CR to a 15 year VM who runs your shopfloor or a 14 year VE/1 year VM who is learning his trade ?
  2. You've raised several points there my VE freind. If was OC drafting your CR I'd do what I do to every tradesman in the LAD, namely look at your performance, post personality and potential over the previous 12 months. I'd fill it in using MS' guide and the notes drafted by you tiffy/line manager. Your CR is reflection of your performance over the last year, not the last 15 years.

    The prom board will be looking at your last 3 CR's that all. The jump from Cpl to Sgt is more about your potntial as a SNCO than your performance as a spanner-turning Cpl. Consequently you VE's should be happy. there are a lot of very good Cpl VE's who are currnetly denied SNCO status because of lack of vacancies. A good 10yr VE Cpl has nothing to worry about from a 15yr VM Cpl. If he was that good, why is he still a Cpl after 15 years?

    And now a slightly more cynical view...
    It may be that inadvertant references on CRs to a past history as a VE may hinder your promotion prospects (but I doubt it). However after 3 years this will be irrelevant because in terms of CR's viewed only the last 3 count.

    In summary...
    If you're worth it (and your OC writes you the right CR), you'll get it.
  3. Ok, being an 11 year VE Cpl I admit that using 15 years as a promotion point was a little extended. However, I would suggest it was a little naive to expect vm's to be Sgt's at their 15 year point - regardless of how much sport they play or social ability. Just look at the Artisan stream and how many (and in my personal opinion from experience) top class Sgt VM's leave at 22 years - are we saying that they have been promoted pre 15 year point ?, No, the promotion for VM's (who either choose not to or are denied going Tiffy) is stagnant and dropping some 200 new Cpls into the trade with no extra posts at Sgt is seriously going to screw up careers.

    And finally, as an 11 Year VE Cpl, If I stayed as a VE, I would expect to be a Cpl for at least another 4/5 years before promotion to Sgt despite getting High A's and an O on confidential reports - and I have progressed reasonably quickly up the ranks. I have SMC/Social skills/Organisational ability/Extra curricular responsibility/Range Quals/NBC Instructor Quals etc etc. Are you telling me I'll be better off learning a new trade and starting again ?

    Maj - you sure sound like an advocate of the Tiffy system - perhaps an ex one - possibly commisioned now ? - Do you rate Artisans higher than we rate Tiffy's ??
  4. VEs only changed if they had served less than 12 years, otherwise they stay VE.