[b]Is Golf a Regt. Sport or a Recreational sport[/b]

Discussion in 'REME' started by Iaintbitter, May 11, 2005.

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  1. SEME has adopted a new policy that stops you from play golf as a sport on a Wednesday afternoon until you have completed a recognised sport such as clay pidgeon shooting or archery. Of course you can join in the Tiffys sport if you don't have any thing else to do, as long as you like running or playing football. The only people who are allowed to play golf are the lucky senior ranks choosen to represent SEME but the other members of the Golf Society will have to wait until 1530hrs to practice so they can be one of the lucky ones. Please feel free to add as many comments on this as to me and many others it don't seem as though people are carring out their duty of care to all.
  2. Duty of care???? I take it you are on a basic course as an upgrader/tiff in the Corps would realise that a sports afternoon in the Field Army normally starts at about 5 on a Wednesday afternoon when youve finished the other sport of fixing things!!!!

    An afternoon of golf is great....be back at 6 to get the VOR kit fit!!!!
  3. If this post is to get me to bite then you should be pleased with yourself.

    Think yourself lucky to be getting a sportie you fcuking whinger, its a training regt if you hadnt noticed and thats exactly what the people who are good enough are getting to do, train.
    Just because you are obviously not good enough to get onto a recognised sports team (perhaps not a team player?) doesn't give you a license to come whingeing on here looking for sympathy :evil:

    Now fcuk off and cry to your duty fullscrew, who if he has any balls will Agai you till your eyes bleed.

    I do know a few tasty tarmac technicians who would quite happily spend a wednesday afternoon filling you in on the finer details of "Duty of Care" whilst maintaining a 30 inch pace.
  4. Golf is a sport for the fat and lazy who can't do something with any phys. Golf is an army sport and it has loads of money thrown at it - unnecessarily so. It doesn't promote fitness or team spirit - it promotes skiving and telling crap stories about sand, trees, little ponds and putting a small ball in a hole 354 yds away with a piece of angled metal. Yawn
  5. guys, i think you've missed the point of the thread. if there is regular regi pt at seme and archery etc is allowed then they should be allowed to go and play golf. my gripe is that troops are allowed to go off and do sports of their choosing, not regimental sport which should foster team spirit etc. Iaintbitter, you should be playing sport on weds, not practising which you can do in your own time. so pop out, pay your green fee's and prove that you're off to play sport and not knock off and go shopping in guildford
  6. Whining, snivelling prick.
  7. Next, someone is going to tell me that fishing should be included in weds pm sports as well...........all that phys, sitting by a river bank!

    I'm afraid golf is a victim of its success - too many used it as an excuse to bunk off down to the shops, or sit in their rooms on the PS2. Accept the fact that weds pm is a privilege not a right. I am now in a post where weds pm is spent in the office, and all pt is done in my own time.

    Life sucks sometimes - can't wait to get back to Regtl Duty.
  8. At least archery has a background in the military being previously used as a weapons system. No I don't before anyone asks.
    Someones going to akin golf to some sort of artillery next in a feeble attempt to justify it. If you get a sports afternoon/poets afternoon then think yourself lucky. If you don't then don't come on here crying about it as everyone will see you as the pathetic feeble whinging to55er you are.
  9. Nice one Armourer! Iaintbitter - let me give you a few facts of life old son... you can do what the hell you like - just do your job in my time and you do anything else in yours
  10. Golf was banned in Scotland at the weekends a few hundred years ago because it was distracting peoples archery practice!! Maybe it is a throw back to that.

    This time of year there is plenty of time for a run followed by a round of golf!!

    Grit your teeth and get amongst it youngun


  11. I have been in a unit where it was a a regular occurence to see the Golf clique mincing off on an afternoon, often when other sport teams or individuals had been told that we were far too busy to swan off and play sport.
    Its about time the Rupert Bear trouser wearing clowns suffered along with everyone else.
  12. I dont think it is exclusive to golf, all regimental organised sports seam to fly in the face of production at times. If you dont like it and you cant beat them then join them.