B.I.G (IO) Access

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Mr_d, Jan 7, 2010.

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  1. To all you medics out there. Has anyone ever used the Bone Injection Gun to gain Intraosseous access and then start rapid administration of fluids for casualties in hypervolemic shock. I've done some research and they claim the B.I.G is quicker at giving fluid resus than IV access. I've also got myself on a training course with an nhs hospital up north for use of the B.I.G.

    Thoughts, comments and opinions please.
  2. Vidacare EZ IO Powerdriver is a bit better than "Bone injection gun"
    Its a hand held, lithium powered medical drill. Designed for the controlled insertion of an intraosseous needle set into human bone for IO access.
    I think the FAST IO device is similar to the BIG but during tests and on gathering evidence the EZ IO Powerdriver route has had a more successfull strike rate.
    Civi NHS Paramedics are using this method in quite a few services in the UK to great effect.
    If you get bored or want to research this more ..... B&Q have a fine range of power tools .....!
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    You sure about that?! Wouldn't want to be your patient if you can't tell the difference! :wink:
  4. Please, I'm a special child ok with spelling retardedness ;)

    With the aid of google - hypovolemic shock
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  6. Either EZ-IO or B.I.G, either way the fluid has got to be syringed in.......... how fast can you push a plunger ;)