[b]Farp Comd Needs Help[/b]

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by T-S-B, Feb 5, 2005.

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  1. Hi all
    I have only just found out about this site and need HELP. I am a WO2 in the ACC and have been commissioned into the AAC as a FARP Comd with 3 Regt AAC and I need all the info about the CSE and the role of a Farp Comd. Until last week I was under the impression that a farp was part of a cake mix, after nearly 20 years as a chef I will need help with this new role. But do remember that some of you will be under my Comd in the next year

  2. Can anybody else smell something? And I don't mean the usual stench of good food being converted into bland dross :lol: :lol:
  3. SOPs for a FARP Commander - Locate FARP 2IC (lance jack or full screw), give him or her grid ref for FARP and tell them to set up FARP and wait for cabs. Then retire to CP for brew, bickies and thrap mags.
  4. Good lord if we are to believe that bull then it’s all been for nothing!

    There is no way in a month of Sundays you have been commissioned into my Corps without knowing the first thing about a FARP.

    If the above statement is incorrect then shoot me now.

    Sir, I do not believe a word you say, Quote “I have only just found out about this site” was the first clue.

    And as it is unlikely that I will serve in your FARP and please don’t take this the wrong way but thank fu*k.

    Please visit said Regt or indeed the experts at SAAvn and ask you will get all the expert advice you seek and may meet some of the exceptional men who have worked long and hard, and are proud to ware the Blue berry.

    Best regards wiggly.
  5. Ummm, WWWWAAAAAAA springs to mind........... :wink:
  6. He can't be posted to 3 Regt as they only except ex woodentops to prepare the Corps for the 50th and public duties. I'm sure the guys at SAAvn could do with another good laugh, especially as the last LE to do all the AH courses still hasn't worked it out (don't go near the Trg wing, you might end up doing drill).
  7. I have to say he can't be as bad as a certain FARP Comd in three who was getting all excited about the regt ex, as he hadn't refuelled a helicopter before. Oh by the way he was exinfantry, and a gwah. and was known by the name that sounded like whinger
  8. wiggly amp, prepare for the firing squad mate, the last farp commander i had in germany was ex reme asm who spent his days slagging off the aac. imagine our surprise when he got commisioned and got farp commander. didnt have an igloo. got the big f*ck off tablet when he tried to tell the lads how to run a farp, got even better when we found out how much he knew about signals.
  9. Sounds quite like the bloke they have at 9 I knew him as an ASM and he was a great bloke. Duty rumour now is that he is a total twat. A complete cnut to the lads.
  10. thats the one q, he's now ben promoted to mto!!! likes his sailing though
  11. Hope this is a wind up..or you light blue boys are in dire need of some G1 help 8O
  12. Unfortunately we (the AAC) are getting alot of LE officers posted in from outside the corps!! :evil: So are ok and willing to listen to the lads (as all officers should)!!

    But there is an increasing trend in LE ex woodentops!!! Who are not used to their guys knowing what they are talking about at quite a junior level i.e class one groundcrewman is an LPC.

    having been with one on exercise and considering he had just come off an hhi course, you can imagine the brew sprewing forth from my my when not 2 metres away he briefs the CO of an inf bn that crossed vehicle headlights involve four tonners and have the lights on in the direction that the wind is blowing, not into it!!!!

    Had a quick chat!!!! :D
  13. This whole subject I posted on a few weeks back "LE officers within our Corps" We are digging such a big whole it's untrue, what is wrong with allowing our own experienced warrant officers in to do these posts? We all know that many have been refused!!?? Let the LE's bump thier pensions up in the QM's or other unrelated jobs. With the introduction of AH we need experienced officers, It's common sense if an Officer commands respect through knowledge he will have a 110% from his men.

    Whinge Ends :oops:
  14. Sound like you'll go far and have the full and total support of all your men.

  15. TSB wrote ' but remember some of you will be under my command soon!'

    By fcuk i hope not and if you know who i am, then well stand by for fun and games, unless of course this is a wind up!! :lol:

    If not you are a cnut!! :evil: