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B.F.P.O. numbers and where they are

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, so Mods please relocate accordingly!

A moderate to large brush-fire has broken out among us (me and a few ex-Army comrades) about the B.F.P.O. number of Aden when it was in the British sphere of influence.
I maintain that the B.F.P.O. number was in the 600s (607 or 667, if memory serves), while other say it was completely different.
There are various guesses going on. One of them is B.F.P.O 108 (wasn't that Hong Kong? Or was that 508?), and another was 36 (I'm pretty sure that was/is Osnabrück, Germany, but I may be wrong).
The point is, comrades, that there's a lotta dosh riding on this, since everyone's decided to put their bread where their gob is (I'm in for a 50-spot).
So is there some sort of official page where all the B.F.P.O. numbers are listed with their locations?
If not, can any old squaddies verify the B.F.P.O number of Aden (or the Aden Protecorate)?

Cheers muchly for all the very helpful answers, playmates, but is there any official site that verifies all these B.F.P.O. numbers? Mucho dinero riding in this, people! Gizza hand!


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