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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Bigcsm22, Aug 28, 2013.

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  1. As I'm stupidly about to purchase a caravan, I need to complete a towing course. Has anybody completed a civilian course that can offer any advice on towing/the test.

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  2. Can't help with the test but there's nothing wrong with owning a caravan.
    We do have our own ARRSE camping group, you may wish to join.

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  3. The words arrse & camping when written by you get's me very worried!!!
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  4. If you took you licence after 97 you may need to update your licence with training.
    If after 97 find a large deserted car park and practice.....it's easy in the end trust me!!
    Just try it in a artric & 40ft trailer...simples!!
  5. We've had a number of very good meets, was away last weekend in fact.

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  6. Reversing a short motor with a long trailer it is simple. Swap it round and have a motor which is longer than the trailer, and it becomes harder. The worst case is one of those tiny trailers behind a reasonably large and high car, where the driver's view of the trailer is obscured, so you can't see what it's doing unless your mirrors are well-positioned, and then you have to cope with what you see being the wrong way round.
  7. Fcuking tell me about it, i can stick a 40ftr anywhere needed ( or could last time i tried), but trying to reverse a people carrier with a little halfords trailer made me look a proper mong :)
  8. too ******* true, its a nightmare reversing a small trailer, and you can guarantee there is always a group gawping at your total spactard monglike **** up :frown:

    caravans however as previously said are pretty easy. Just practise a bit.
  9. Subsunk

    Subsunk War Hero Book Reviewer

    I did my B+e test a couple of months ago, as I was too busy pissing around to learn to drive before 1997.

    I did a 3 day course with a local training provider, using a freelander and a box trailer. The test is based on motoring around a standard driving test route, some slow speed stuff in the test centre car park and some basic questions.

    In the test centre, you safely park the trailer, unhitch, drive off, back up, parallel park and then do it all in reverse so you end up with car and trailer re-hitched. This is pretty simple as long as you practice it over and over.

    My biggest challenge was the driving around - the trailer is not a massive issue as long as you take a wide line around kerbs etc and know how wide your combo is. My issue was several years of bad driving habits to unlearn, so the whole thing was pretty emotional.

    Passed the test, and I've joined a local ROSPA Advanced Driving club to get my driving standards gripped.
  10. How much did you pay? If you don't mind me asking.

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  11. I fortunately didn't have to do the test as am of an age where it was put on your licence. However, it wasn't really necessary until the unit on a scheduled move to mainland Europe suddenly needed an extra driver for a landrover trailer combo that I had a use for it. Cue a 2 min fam course on the trailer ending with "you'll get that hang of the driving over the next couple of days (500 miles)" from the mt staffy.
  12. Try a Bedford with a trailer made from another one and with the towhook on a free swinging axle. Total nightmare!
    Never did get the hang of that properly.

    One of these lash ups.


    Now was it turn left to go right or the other way round or perhaps left to go left?
  13. The hardest thing I ever tried to reverse was one of these -


    with one of these -


    Theres 3 points of pivot, and its an absolute bugger. And theres always an audience around just when you don't need one.

    Easiest thing was a 30ft lighting tower with a Land Rover.

    Another twat was a little camping trailer with my car. It was so small I couldn't see it until it jack-knifed.
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I too learnt with plant and have the nightmare dinky trailer as well as larger 3 ton trailer. Funnily enough the Army didn't teach me to drive despite my discharge paperwork saying I had every license including tracked and motor bikes. I suspect it was a fck up by the clerks as I was down for a driving cadre for my next posting when they fucked me about once too often.
  15. Just do C+E, and you get it automatically.