B Coy, 4 PARA recruit cadres 2011.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Dean Crawford, Feb 7, 2011.

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  1. Hi gents,

    Been trawling through a large number of 4 PARA posts going back several years, was hoping that somebody here could shed some light on this year's cadre dates? I'm hoping to join summer 2011, and was in touch with ROSWO at White City to confirm eligiblity. I'm a full-time author so have spare time, but a busy year ahead so trying to sort everything now rather than get in a flap or waste the recruiting team's time later.

    I'm 38, had previous experience with the now disbanded 16 (Ind) Coy, 4 PARA in the 1990s. Reached late stages of recruit phase just before CIC and P Coy, when family unobligingly decided to move out of the area. I've been told I'm okay to try out for the Reg again until I'm 42 due to previous experience (!), assuming fitness and attitude hit the mark. 1.5 mile pace is around 10 minutes currently, sit-ups and press ups no probs, and running all the hills I can find to get prepared.

    Many thanks for anyone who can spare a mo' to reply, especially any other old gits like myself who know the score at B Coy! :)

  2. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer


    Just a quick word. "PERSEC".

    Get yourself a new user-name and come back.

    Other than that, well done for even thinking about P Coy when you're such an old fart.
  3. Yep, realised it even as I'd posted. That's what happens to daft old buggers like me - lack of oxygen to the brain...
  4. I am guessing the summer cadre will start Julyish, the one i was on last summer was first weekend july CIC/P coy decmber. The current cadre is finishing middle of June.
  5. Thanks - that fits with the 2010 calendar that used to be on 4 PARA's website, which has now been removed but not updated to this year yet. Just 2 TA cadres per year then, with P Coy for the entire battalion's recruits at Catterick. Going to be bloody cold up there come December - must remember to pack my slippers, pipe and Horlicks.... :)
  6. Minus 15 on last CIC mate one guy nearly lost his toes to frostbite brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr made P Coy emotional lol.
  7. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    You will be asked to attend an insight evening at White City TA centre. On that you will be given a brief about the training programme including the dates of all training weekends and CIC/P Coy.

    The 1.5 in under 10 minutes will just get you through the acceptance standard for 4 Para on the TA recruit selection weekend, but you need to be comfortably under 9.30 by the time you start the cadre if you are to stand a chance of keeping up with the pace.

    Older recruits tend to be mentally stronger but often struggle with the physical demands, especially if they are carrying old injuries or pick up new ones as they don't tend to recover as quickly. There are no age based allowances on P Coy, so get running!
  8. Thanks Duke - I'm going to get back in touch with ROSWO at White City to organise a visit. Was hoping to go up in January but couldn't make it. My 1.5 mile time was 11.20 ish a month ago, so by June / July I'm hoping to have it much closer to 9 minutes. I'm lucky enough to live somewhere surrounded by some pretty serious hills, so plenty of scope for improvement across the board. As you mention, injuries and my ability to recover from them are my main concern, but I've heard of people getting through P Coy in their early forties now and again. All up to me now to try to meet the physical demands and thus hopefully limit the chances of damaging myself beyond repair.

    Watershed2100: Minus 15 degrees?! That's seriously harsh! Get through that, and you can get through anything mate :)
  9. Yea that was pretty chilly on that CIC with 6 days out in the field to boot. The 8 mile CFT in 10 inches of snow was absolutely the toughest one I have ever done.

    I too am an oldie at 42 so know the score on trying to stay fit, although a lot of people say its all in the mind etc you must be as well prepared as you possibly can.
    Totally aggree with the hills hills and more hills as normal road running just will not get you any where near fit enough for PCoy. You also have to be robust and work thru the pain barrier to get that Maroon Lid.
  10. Thanks Mac, glad to hear I might not be the only dinosaur wobbling around Catterick later this year. PM replied, thanks for the dates and good luck!
  11. This thread has cheered me up no end, as am 36 this year, been out of regs since mid 2008 & am thinking of trying out for 4 para (white city) at the end of the year...am gonna train like f*ck all year, so I don't waste their time or mine..good luck lads.
  12. I'm half way through my application to join 4para (awaiting medical) but I've just found out there is absolutely no way I'll be able to take 2 weeks off in December for P Company because of work. Do anyone have any advise as to what I should do?
  13. Either perform miracles and get work to give you two weeks off or be prepared to wait several months for another slot on TA PPS.

  14. Yes mate would be great, am gonna take it one step at a time so gonna be training for the TA recruit selection weekend BPFA (6 months training or so), want to get around 9 mins if possible so i have a half decent time to build on. If you have any info on what's actually expected at the recruit selection weekend regarding the phizz, i'd be grateful if you could PM me, cheers mate.
  15. There is an Insight evening on the 1st March at White City which I am going to attend. Im not sure if its a formal invite, or anyone can turn up? Hope this helps.