[b]Claiming back £ for car insurance in NI...[/b]

I am about to be posted to NI. My car insurance will go up by £400. I hear that if you get a quote for SW1, the Army will pay you the difference between your NI quote and the SW1 quote? What happens if the SW1 quote is more than the NI quote? Can I get the difference back between my present insurance and the NI quote? :?
Believe me the NI quote will be more than the SW1 quote. :D

It works like this:

1. To qualify you must get your car insured in NI. This ensures you are covered if you crash etc. etc.

2. Get a quote for your insurance from any insurance coy for SW1 and take this, along with your new insurance certificate (for NI), to the Admin Office and they should sort the rest.

In my experience it is best to go with NAAFI insurance, not the cheapest but they know the system and are very easy to deal with. Some coys will not give you the SW1 quote unless you give them an actual address!!

Hope this helps![/b]
I got a quote for NI:£850, and one for SW1:£1,057. This was with AA.
NAAFI quoted me just short of £2,000.
I have phoned 36 other insurance companies, but only six would insure over in province, and AA was cheapest.
Who do I get the 'old man' to speak to refernce this as don't fancy not getting any £ back as I'm £400 out of pocket for this move.
Bottom line is you should get the motor insured in province to be within the letter of the law. Most coys will only cover you for ~6 months before you must change address. Otherwise you leave yourself open to massive claims if anything happens. :( However, I do know of plenty of soldiers who just ignored it....

The way you put it below, the Army will refund you £200. Unfortunately you are fcuked about the rest, the joys of serving in NI!

You do get £5 a day extra pay though..... :D
Im with AXA NI, my insurance did not change from my mainland price.

Try them on 0800282820

Dont forget by law you have to inform your insurer that you are Armed Forces otherwise you will invalidate your insurance.

If you are going to deal with a NI insurer stay with the mainstream companies such as Norwich Union, direct line, etc. DO NOT use a high street broker. Remember your PERSEC.

Any worries speak with your future unit.
Spent 9 years in NI and never claimed the difference back of that quoted to living in SW1, because it was too dam expensive either that or the difference was about 10 quid.

I used http://www.elephant.co.uk for a few years and saved a fortune. On the other hand you could use a local company eg Hughes & co 02891829280. If you are unhappy about declaring your details, go to the Int Cell and get the company cleared. I used them for a few years with no probs, and they were cheap.

Good Luck

p.s Come to Holland, its really, really cheap and all that LOA is great. :D

Born to ride (and unfortunately to crash also)
NAAFI quoted me the cheapest, by nearly 300 quid! For you to claim it back you need to send copies of your certificate of insurance (showing your covered) and a letter from the insurance company (stating what you paid, and what you would have paid in SW1) to your pay office, along with the correct form. :roll: The reason NAAFI is so good is that they automatically provide the correct letters etc. It can be difficult to get these from other insurers. :oops:

One bloke at my place was quoted cheaper in NI than in London, so he couldn't claim anything back. :x

For bike insurance, I told my company (Ramasis, an agency for Norwich Union) I'd changed my address, they didn't put it up at all. :lol: They said all their policies already cover me for NI. If anyone wants their phone no, PM me :)

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