Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by army_mad_geezer, Dec 27, 2004.

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  1. hey, i got a game sort of thing, how many names can u think of for boobs, i.e norman nockers, billy boobs, tommy tits etc......, go for it!!! :D
  2. I think the funniest name for a tit is, army_mad_geezer.
  3. Cruel but very nescessary!!!H-T
  4. Norks
    Fun bags
    Two puppys fighting in a sack as in they look like two puppys fighting in a sack.
    milk sacks
  5. come on people it's the naafi, not the after school club!!!you want to talk about them or look at them read the scum!!
  6. Devil's Dumplings
  7. Mammaries
  8. Pillows, Titties, Breasts.

    P.S could someone help me with my gallery picture uploading Please xxxx
  9. Oh i forgot Diddies!
  10. knockers
  11. chest spuds


  12. Norks



  13. top b0llocks