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Hi guys, am due to go in second main board in January. I need to book a B & B for the medical and was wondering if anyone can recommend one at all?


If you have done your brief and main board already and going for a second shot surely you don't need to ask anyone about B&Bs, and if you do there is already tons on this topic already.
Went to redwood lodge for my briefing and i'll be going back for main board... without a doubt the best place you could go
Without a doubt? I assume you have tried everywhere then?
Well not quite, but having spoken to just about everyone else at the briefing, many of them said that there rooms were 'ok' but that they would have been happier having had a chance to meet other people in the same position as them, the night before.

At redwood you're made to feel at ease and they check you've got absolutely everything you need, give you as huge pile of thank you and advice cards from people who have already been and passed their main board. They also feed you well and will run out to grab anything you've forgotten.

Personally I think that it will be near impossible to find anywhere else that is better, perhaps somewhere as good - but not better ;)

That's just my 2-cents though.

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