B&B in Corfe, Dorset?

Any ARRSERS able to recommend a decent and reasonably priced B&B in Corfe, Dorset?

Several years ago now, I spent a few days at Corfe in a B&B while doing a conference in Bournemouth. I won't go into the story about how I found the place but it was great, superbly furnished and run by a woman who was very nice. I always thought if I ever went back in that direction for a few days, I'd stop there again.

My wife and me are thinking of taking a short break down that way in mid September and I immediately thought of the same place. Unfortunately, I have long lost the card I had for it and despite searching on the web including going onto Google street scene to try and find it, I haven't had any luck.

I have come to the conclusion that it's probably gone. The woman was getting on a bit and I'm talking about probably the best part of 20 years ago now.

Anyway, my question is, does anybody know of any decent B&B in or near to Corfe that's reasonably priced, is decent enough and not a dive and is reasonably close to a decent pub or two for a few decent pints of real ale in the evening without having to drive?

Thanks in advance for any replies.
Stunning pub in a beautiful location.
Great food and get this .... its got its own Brewery doing quality beers.
Great coastal walking area around it and if you time it right - Summer Beer Festival with quality Blues.
Can't go wrong.
Thanks for the replies fellah's.

The Bankes Arms looked pretty good but we have decided to go with the Lulworth Cove Inn.

Lulworth Cove Inn | Lulworth Cove Online

It looks good and the reviews were also good and it pipped the Bankes Arms by a couple of quid at £285 for 3 nights including breakfast for the 2 of us.

Special thanks to Bouillabaisse who sent me a few suggestions by PM.
just to big up the Bankes arms, they have never charged me full amount for staying there. Once they forgot to bill us for the weekends accommodation. Mrs Toppers only went and reminded them. daft bugger.
Just arrived at the Lulworth Cove Arms for our September break.

First impressions are pretty ok. One downside is that you have to park in the public car park across the way which is a bind if your pins are a bit dodgy which mine are these days. You do get a hotel pass for free parking though and you have to walk past a farmers shop which among other things sells Dorset ice cream so I will have to pop in and try some of that.

I have only had a fleeting glance at the bar because we came straight up to the room to dump our luggage. The room is small but not tiny and well decorated with nice furniture and on-suite facilities which again are well decorated and clean. Coffee, tea and a kettle etc plus a telly which works well allbeit with the free-view stuff on it which is watchable in the absence of anything decent.

Our plan for today having arrived late this afternoon is to chill a little and then hit the bar. Dinner at 7.30 followed by some more bar time and then bed for a good nights sleep. Mobile phones don't work here which is really cool with my missus although I'd prefer to be contactable but I will enjoy the peace and obviously, the free internet works fine.

I'm hoping to savour some really great beer in a very short while.
Have a good time, try the Sailors Return at Chaldon for a good meal, also the Weld Arms at East Lulworth.
We normally stay with David and Sarah at Burngate Farm B&B but TBH it's way better than a B&B with use of a huge sitting room with log burner and Davids breakfasts are fantastic with home made bread and produce.
You are down a Lulworth at one of the best times of the year with most of the holiday makers gone.
Shame the old pins are iffy I can tell you of some fantastic hidden paths to walk along the coast.
As you may have guessed Lulworth feels like my second home .... wish I was there now.
Fursty Ferret is a nice ale and a couple of pints went down well prior to a sirloin steak with a bottle of rioja and a couple of brandies before bed.

The Inn has been extensively refurbed and is very pleasant. The staff are very polite and we enjoyed the evening. My only complaint was that at the end of the meal, the staff were a little too busy laying out the breakfast stuff and we were kept hanging around for a while to sign off our meal.

There was an elderly lady here who had a couple of drinks and was staying somewhere further down towards the cove and she was concerned about walking home in the weather because it was raining and the wind was quite fierce. One of the staff was going to walk her down to make sure she was ok but two guys were going that way so they took her but it was a nice offer by the hotel manager.

We are considering a trip to weymouth today. The tank museum is a definite but we are waiting for a rainy day to do that.
Ask her if she's seen the fat guy with the mustache and the walking stick and tell her I'm really sorry that I didn't leave a bigger tip after dinner tonight!
She remembers you, she didn't serve you any food so don't worry about the tip! Apparently she took your drinks from the bar to your table by the comfy seats (by the way it was the walking stick and moustache she remembers - not the fat guy bit!)
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