"B.A.T.T" - Col. Harrold MBE - Singers 1982

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by longhair, Apr 11, 2013.

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  1. A discovery in a charity shop this week - a presentation plaque inscribed :

    "Presented to Col. B. J. Harrold M.B.E.

    From the British Army Training Team

    December 1982"

    This on a shield with "their" badge, and on the reverse as part of the wall mounting is stamped

    NAAFI HQ Far East
    P O Box 17
    Sembawang Post Office
    Singapore 27

    and there's also a paper sticker "Obtained from NAAFI HQ"

    Mr Google has kindly indexed the London Gazettes from which one can learn a little about Col Harrold:

    1964 Made up to Major from Captain
    1971 Gets the MBE
    1977 Made up from Lt. Col. to Col.

    But there's not much else to be found on the web.
    I thought that the, ahem, Training Team, were occupied elsewhere in 1982 - but I guess there's always little wars going on that don't always make the press.

    Anybody have any intel on what the presentation piece may have commemorated, or on the Col?
  2. In that period presentation plaques were often obtained from NAAFI Singapore so there is probably no Far East connection.
  3. It appears he was late RCT.
  4. According to Army List Part 3 1984 he was appointed DA Bangkok in March 82 so that appointment must tie in with the time of the plaque.
  5. Col Ben sadly passed away in Feb 2002.
  6. The RCT were always late.
  7. But at least they turned up. His daughter joined the Corps later as well - didn't stay however.