B.A.R.B Test

done my B.A.R.B Test yesterday and got a score of 44, what kind of jobs would that get me. did ask about reme but they said it wasn't high enough. how much would of i needed. thanks :)

All this and pay.
Hey guys,

I watched sluggys advert and have decided I want to join either the Paras, or the SAS... whichever one gets me the most windsurfing exposure...

My question is whether I can be a soldier but work from home? All my clothes and stuff is here and it would be a right faff on moving it into the army base.

Thanks in advance

You can be SAS all day and night, just install one of the call of duty games, plus you get respawns in war!

and Huggy, go Inf, what more could you want! :D
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