B.A.R.B. Test (mods please sticky)

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Omni, Jan 22, 2009.

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  1. Mods could you sticky this please and make any corrections if needed.

    What is a BARB test ?

    B.A.R.B. stands for British Army Recruit Battery it is a collection of psychometric tests. It's a touch screen test that is usually carried out in your recruitment centre. It uses questions to test your reaction time to see how quickly and accurately you can carry out tasks in your head.

    Here is an example Question:

    Tom is chubbier than Sue

    Who is thinner?

    The Answer would be Sue.

    Before taking the test your recruiter should give you a booklet with practise questions inside, you should also have a few days to look at this book and prepare yourself. Alternatively or you could click these links below




    Why do the army want me to take this test ?

    Once you complete the test you will be given a general trainability index score (G.T.I.) this will indicate a list of jobs that have been scientifically proven to be suitable to you. The test is also designed to test reflexes and reaction times as well as your ability solve simple problems in your head.

    How long does it take ?

    The test last about 30 minutes.

    Can i fail it ?

    In short yes, to fail it you have to score less than 26.
    However it is highly unlikely that you will fail it, most people score much higher, so long as you can read and then answer questions based on what you have just read, you should have no problems at all.

    How can i improve my barb score ?

    Most people will tell you that you are unable revise for the test, however you can train your brain to have a faster responce time by using various brain training exercises found all over the web for free or even on hand held gaming consoles.
  2. This should read:

    Why do the army want me to take this test?

    You will achevie a general trainability index score (GTI) which will give you a list of jobs that have been scientifically proven you are suitable to train for.

    How long does it take?

    30 minutes.

    Can i fail it?

    yes, score less than 26 you will not be offered any jobs.
  3. post edited thx dav3rav3
  4. Just to add to this, the BARB test is only part of what jobs you can be offered. If you are banned from driving you will only get offered Infantry, regardless of score. If you have points certain jobs are unavailable. If you do not have the GCSE grades for the job you will not be offered it on your list. There looking for Maths, English and Science, certain jobs you need at least two more good qualifications, and A in Drama and Art is no good.

    When you go into your Recruiting Office with a job in mind you should be told what you need to have to qualify for the job.

    If you have the qualifications you need to be able to run within the time set by Director Arms and Service.

    You have to score well on team tasks, you will need to have a good icebreaker, if going for Para Regt you need to run under 9.18 or if under 9.40 you need a static lift of 116kgs.

    So the BARB is only part of the process.
  5. good info there dav3rav3, thou i just wanted this to be purely about the barb.
  6. Thank you for posting that Omni. I have often seen it referred to in the

    recruiting threads and had tried to work out the acronym, with no

    success. In my day, dreadful phrase I know, they used our school results.

    I tried for the Worcestershire Regiment as I had a connection with it, but

    they persuaded me into the Royal Signals with the promise of more pay

    and more extensive postings. To be honest, the pay thing did not worry

    me too much, but the travel was my motivation for joining. They certainly

    delivered on their promise and I am glad that I allowed myself to be

    so persuaded.

    Good luck.
  7. just to give people an insight who havnt done it how easy it is, i went on the lash thursday night got insanly drunk had 3 hours sleep went to my local afco at 9am for the test passed with a score of 50 i over shot the runway as i only needed a 26 for the infantry. however the maths test proved harder after the barb :p
  8. Good on you Lofty, have a good career. :wink:
  9. My son takes his BARB next week. I feel so old...
  10. Hi,
    Thanks for this. Is it always just on those 5 categories of question, or do they change it around or use similar types of problem to solve?
    Also, is there a limited number of questions you are given to answer in the time, or is it also a case of how many you can answer (and answer correctly) in the time given?
  11. think theres only 5 catagories you will prob have some of the examples crop up on the test, but the questions should be very similar to the book the afco gave you to work through before your test. theres unlimited questions in a limited time. infantry has the lowest score of 26 to unlock all jobs you need to score 60 rmp is top job