B-A comes to town!

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Bound_Apprentice, Dec 3, 2005.

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  1. Very short notice, and not wishing to steal SORNs thunder, but I am in London this week. On Thursday night I will be in the usual pub in Charing Cross from about 5.30pm. I have read previous threads along the lines of, "if you don't know where I mean, then you cant come". Frankly find that childish! The place I mean is very popular with our type on a Thursday evening and if you PM me with reasonable credentials (or promises of Tequila) I wil happily tell you where I mean.

    Finally, advice! What is the very best place to watch Liverpool/Chelsea on Tuesday evening in Central London? Please don't say Stamford Bridge anyone!!

    Hope to see some old friends or new faces. Will report back!
  2. so you on a civvy training course in london then old chap? something along the lines of "Be PC in the workplace" or "Remove your offensive sense of humour, you ex-squaddie oik"?
  3. Done them - failed both!

    Got an extensive week of Removing foot from gob - phase 1 and Laying head on desk wishing I was 15 years younger - Diploma course.
  4. Is that a follow on from the resettlement course "f'kin civvies 101"-I've got my name down for that in 2 years time
  5. Gimme a shout if you want a work placement. I'm qualified in "f'kin civvies" up to D Litt level by now.
  6. I could enjoy a job "f'kin civvies up". Unfortunately I am one so I should just get on with it really
  7. oi civvie, wind it in and carry on working. its not five o'clock yet!
  8. That's a bit rich! It's not feckin wednesday afternoon is it?
  9. :) bite me. you can go home now!
  11. "Cockpit"? sounds like a gay bar! poppy, where DO you find these places?
  12. went with a colleague who is a Chelsea fan to watch a match - well he watched the match I drank bucketfuls of rioja