B-1 Crash in Qatar

the septics do like loosing their expensive bits of kit at the moment?
tomahawk6 said:
Crew is reported to be safe. Good news.
VERY good news indeed. I trust the same fortune extends to anybody nearby on the ground too.
Latest radio news here in states says crew are fine, it did not crash but collided with something while taxiing and caught fire.

I hope something hit the plane and not the other way around. I have never destroyed any of my Uncle Sam's stuff (at least as far as Uncle Sam knows) but the paperwork will be horrendous. Destroying something worth about a quarter of a billion in not likely to be career enhancing.
Ahh well everyone safe .can just sign another one out of stores .Got a load in storage haven't they its a big firm. :D
Not the first time.

In September 2005 a B1 burst into flame after landing at Andersen following a landing gear problem that resulted in leaking hydraulic fluid flaming off.

An estimated $32m later it was all better though
Great, There goes my tax rebate check....

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