Is there anyone out there from Bünde 4 or 33 sqns
I have made a little website and am hoping for it to
get running
We from Bünde were a great lot so lets see if I can (this way ) get a few more onto my site 8)
the site is http://bnde.8.forumer.com
and also if you know anyone else then point em in the right direction :D
Thanks lads
(Rupert ex 4 sqn )1972 :twisted:
Thanks for the link martin245.

I'd work on the spelling though if I were you. :wink: (Dedicated)

Good luck with it.
I thought the whole thing about the mafia was that no-one knew who they were. That they silently manipulated the Corps from within. The only clue to their identities were occasionally overheard "one time in Bunde" and "when I was Adjutant on Granby"stories. How is Omerta going to work on a web site?

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