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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mercurydancer, May 22, 2009.

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  1. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    As much as it delights me to see the Government back down on their ludicrous snubbing of the Gurkhas, I feel I need to do something positive to welcome them here.

    If any Gurkha wants to have access to our NHS Trust vacancy list them PM me and I will make sure you have access to suitable jobs as soon as our Trust posts them. Its only a small measure but if we on this site can extend some support then it may mean a great deal if it enables a Gurkha to settle over here.

    Also, Mr Pun VC impressed me deeply with his dignity over the numerous news articles I have seen. Even in a wheelchair he is nails.
  2. My wife is a theatre nurse, and after seeing on the news just how p-i-s-s-poorly the Gurkhas have been treated here, she began to ask about their history, who they are and their loyalty to the British Crown. I told her.

    I explained it thusly and placed it in a contemporary context.

    After successful, ahem, 'vetting', anyone can join the US armed forces, and then, after five years' service, they are issued with a US passport and citizenship - ergo right of residence in the US.

    Ditto, and even more extreme, anyone (frankly with comparatively little vetting at all) can join the French Foreign Legion (FFL), and, again after five years' service, can be awarded a French (and consequently an EU) passport, which gives them carte blanche to live and work anywhere within the EU.


    Prior to the Labour gov't's policy U-turn of the last couple of days on this very topic, a Gurkha who'd put in a 15 year ticket could find himself on a slow boat home to Nepal as his services were A) no longer wanted, and B) not recognised by this Broon band of wastes-n-strays in terms of warranting residence in the UK.

    There is something about this Labour gov't, where not one of them has ever worn a uniform, stood to, or been in harm's way, which allows them to treat HM's forces like shyte. Broon himself is renowned for his open contempt of UK Armed Forces, because he doesn't understand it, not does he feel he can control it - therefore he detests it.

    Now, with Britain's sense of fair play, and the nation's insistence of 'do right by them' screaming at him, he's caved-in and done the right thing - but it's effectively taken the threat of force majeure, and yet another citizens' revolt, to bring him to his senses. Tvvat.

    So it might be worth asking ourselves this: how can anyone vote for a man, or his party, who has to have the worse case scenario painted in 7 foot high green crayon letters in front of him (and even then he still argues the toss!) before he caves in?

    That just illustrates how unfit he and his cabal are for office; how they ignore the wants and needs of the men on the ground; and frankly how they make a habit of same to the citizenry back home too.

    Squaddies and civvies alike have no business voting for this Labour poltroon or his party, as they support neither the Gurkhas, nor the people who vote for them.
  3. 'There is something about this Labour gov't, where not one of them has ever worn a uniform, stood to, or been in harm's way, which allows them to treat HM's forces like shyte. Broon himself is renowned for his open contempt of UK Armed Forces, because he doesn't understand it, not does he feel he can control it - therefore he detests it.'

    Cyclops is such a hypocrite that after trying to shaft the Gurkhas and having to do (another) U-turn, they were invited into No. 10 for a reception as if he'd been on their side all along. He is trying to jump on the bandwagon on the back of popular support for the armed forces and has even had his photo taken alongside Henry Allingham.

    Likewise with the D-Day veterans whom he had treated with contempt until he found that his new best friend (Obama) was attending then, miraculously, money was available and, of course, he wanted to be involved. To their great credit, the veterans snubbed this offer and basically told him it was their anniversary, not his, and he was not welcome.
  4. Hate to break up the Labour Hate Bandwagon here, but lets remember that this Government was the first to do ANYTHING for the Gurkhas. One of the first things they did was allow any Gurkha who retired AFTER 1997 the right to stay. Before that successive governments had fudged the issue or ignored it altogether.

    The badly screwed up on judging the public mood for ALL Gurkhas to stay though.

    I hate what Labour have done as much as the next man. But the Tories were much worse, and only leapt on this as a means of defeating the sitting Government.

    Credit to the Campaign, they identified a perfect storm for the Governent and got them exactly where they wanted them.

    Well Done.
  5. Now, now well have less of that ‘balanced opinion’ here.

    Stop letting the truth get in the way of a good old rant

    The sooner that some people realise that ALL political parties sh*t on the forces the less of a disappointment it will be when the next (Tory) government continue the motion :roll:
  6. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    CAARPS/Mr Hhanklysboots

    I was hoping to put some substance behind the Gurkhas being allowed acess to UK to do what I can to support them when they get here. Admittedly I am limited in what I can offer, but I just wanted to start the ball rolling and also wanted to let the Gurkhas know that its not just a publicity stunt. I for one really want the Gurkhas in our communities.
  7. Just to bump the thread. I am very pleased that it has been sucessfully sorted out. I don't know how much weight the lovely Joanna Lumley was able to exert, but she made an excellent front woman.

    We get fairly limited coverage of these issues on local television, mores the pity, but she certainly focused the rheumy old eye.

    CAARPS, spot on as ever old son. A plague on all their houses.

    Mercurydancer, well done and good luck.

  8. Sorry for taking the thread of on a tangent, however, it irks me that individuals actually believe that any government will actually give a sh*t about the forces if they can see a way to safe money.

    Anyway back to the point.

    Although a very pleasing result that our colleagues now have the right to stay, however, I would hope that we don’t forget our own indigenous ex soldiers who need all the help they can get to re-integrate into society and there are plenty of them who could do with the help.

    Selfish? Possibly, however, unlike the Gurkhas the majority of those lads don’t have a choice of countries to settle in
  9. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer


    I couldnt agree with you more on both points.

    The important thing about miltiary returning to civ is the availablility of information. Although there is a steady influx of service staff into the NHS its not as organised as it could be by any means. Far too many hopsital and primary care trusts tend to circulate job opportunites in very closed circles, when often there is no need to do so. Ex-military people integrate very easily into hospital environments and with many hospitals having MoD med units in civ hospitals its not a completely strange environment. I would happily provide any serviceman with any job opps for any of the areas of the NHS I am involved in. It is and remains my intention to provide something more than just platitudes.

    With all the immigrants we dont want (those that wish to come here to exploit our benefits system for instance) its pleasing to see the government back down on people from another country we DO want here.
  10. I have now removed my self righteous grumpy head from my Arrse (must be the time of the month) :oops:

    Good luck on your quest and if you can make a difference by even finding one of our own future employment it will be a job well done (take that as a bump :wink: )