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Ayman al-Z, Gitmo, and Fifty Shades of Gray

On Wanted Dead or Alive Ayman al-Zawahiri, Guantanamo, and Fifty Shades of Gray
Or perhaps Zawahiri has been asked to get his comrades out in time for next year's movie version of female-friendly soft-porn/S&M novel Fifty Shades of Grey, which is allegedly the most requested book by the camp's high-value detainees, even more so than the Koran.* (This takes the concept of "make love not war" to a whole new level, I suppose).
It's more traditional to be talking about seriously "Spartans" after this period of confinement. I suspect they have somehow got access to Mumsnet.

They probably ordered it to use it a baseline book for future codes.
Dunno, my local employees in Kabul watched more Internet porn than a fourteen year old English Public Schoolboy.

Also, the only free sat TV was BBC World and an Italian porno channel.

Bloody funny people the Afghans.....

Also a lot of them are gay, I used to get some very peculiar text messages, an a gay American bloke on the team reckoned he got more roots in Massar than he got in LA.

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