Ayia Napa/Cape Greco Climbing info

There is a locally produced climbing guide done by some officer in the 80s/90s. Needs updating and i think a few guys were doing it when i was there, changing all the pics and overlays of routes.

There are a few belay posts concreted in around cape Greco, but for some multi pitch there iare a few routes in the north, five finger gully its called i think. Try UNRATT they definitely had a copy.
Thanks for the reply, we are going on holiday this summer, dont really want to take full rack, a rope weighs a good 6Kg, I can see the route names on a website called UKClimbing.com, just need pics/drawings to confirm Im in the right area. How do I check UNRATT? I was thinking about deep water soloing routes, so just shoes and chalkbag in the luggage, thanks again.
UNRATT is the UN Roulement AT Team located in Dhekelia supporting the British Tps deployed on Op TOSCA. They climb in the area on a weekly basis and the information is handed from Regt to Regt with every roulement. Just give them a call and they will be more than willing to share the wealth of knowledge!

The climbing in the area is often hindered by the heat. During the hotter months, make sure if you are going to climb in the area, it's pretty early in the day.
Cheers, will try and find some contact details tomorrow, I was with 254 Sig Sqn in the 80s, jumping off cape greco was the norm, 20 years later I realise climbing up it might be more enjoyable.

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