AYA Coral O/U multichoke - opinions?

Hi guys,
I'm on the lookout for a new all round shotgun, preferably with multichokes as I like the idea of being able to change chokes depending on what I'm doing.

I've just spotted a used AYA Coral multichoke for sale for about £400 at my local dealer. Does anyone know the model? Any ideas on age? Any opinions on it?


Thanks in advance for any input.

Sounds good! I'll take a drive up and have a look at it.
Have a look at the engraving on the side of the boxlock. If the arabesques look very fresh and deeply cut for that style be aware that some people used to engrave out the 'Yeoman' engraving written on the side and sell it as a Coral. The Yeoman is a very simple gun, and considering the wood is quite nice for an AYA I wonder if someone once tried to make a little extra money out of it! A yeoman would be worth about £400 so would still be fine, but it wouldn't be such a bargain.

Some Merkels (AYA Corals) are a nightmare to get to fit people for some reason. If you get one which fits, they do kick a bit but are lovely light guns to swing and point (walked-up shooting is their proper place)!

Good luck
Well that was a wasted couple of hours! Drove up, and waited for half an hour while they tried to find it, before finding out that one of the other staff had set it aside for another customer. I had phoned them before leaving the house too.

I'm a trifle disappointed.
AYA gave Merkel a credit for inspiring the design apparently, it certainly is not made by Merkel.
That said, I really like AYAs having cut my teeth on the lower end, my first real shotgun (i.e. not a .410 and not a flobert) was a long barreled full choked AYA Cosmos single shot hammer gun, like the old canadian Coey gun. I found it marvellous for wildfowl due to the tight group. My next gun was the AYA Yeoman side by side box lock with which i wrought havoc amongst the local rabbit and woodie populations.

I've heard only good things about the Coral, it's supposed to handle very well indeed, although that's an individual fit thing.
AYA gave Merkel a credit for inspiring the design apparently, it certainly is not made by Merkel.
I have a very strong feeling that AYA barrelled then finished Merkel actions. Although Merkel didn't finish the gun, looking at the metal stock I suspect the Germans had a hand in manufacturing some of the major parts.

I had a No.3 non ejector for walked-up shooting. Cracking little guns, and some real AYA bargains out there because many of the No2 and No1 guns have been owned by about 40 owners!


I just picked up a good condition AYA No.4 ejector for a customer, £460 by the time we paid commission and tested it yesterday having 2 light strikes in 100 shots, both the same barrel so a service next week. I like them and have difficulty not selling my Yeoman as so many people like them. I have another non ejector AYA and a Zabala coming next week too!

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