Axis powers war heroes/memorials.

Had a trawl through and cannot find any previous posts.

Going to Monte Cassino this summer with a tour group, and got to wondering if the italians have the equivalant of the war graves commission.

Similarly with the Germans and the Japanese military(WW2) would you find war memorials or statues in either country in honour of units or individuals who we in the "allied" nations might still consider butchers/murderers?

Came across some groups in N.Germany, pre the wall coming down who held re-unions for their Wehrmacht regiments, was/is it legal to do so, ditto in Japan?
I was at Monte Cassino not so long ago and maps all the cemeteries are available.The Italian lass who was our guide was very knowledgeable and helpfull,and allowed plenty of time for us to visit each site in turn.Don't be afraid to ask any questions,they will answer them. The lass was quite proud to tell us that as we stood in the British War Cemetery,we were actually standing in the U.K.
If you are going in the summer be prepared for the heat.


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The main German cemetery in this country is in Cannok Chase, not far from Hunington


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I visited a German war cemetery for those killed in the Battle of The Bulge, very moving when i was told that each grave had 6 dead interred.
thanks for those fellah's going in early june, being picked up by an italian friend at the aeroporto, warned about the heat! and take a good pair of worn in hiking boots, looking forward to it, one of my neighbours here in Lincolnshire lost his grandad during the battle so i will try and locate his headstone and pour a drop of ale for him.
I don't know about World War 2, but when I was in Syracuse, Sicily there was a memorial honouring the Italian soldiers who died in their colonial conquests in Libya and Abyssinia. I can't find any pics but it was nice- it looked across the sea towards Africa.

I was hoping to come across some British War Graves in the area from the invasion of Sicily but I couldn't find any.

You can still see WW2-era bunkers dotted right across the island.
This came up as part of a search I was doing. To answer RevModes initial post. The Italians do have a similar set up to the War Graves commission. It is called Onor Caduti (Honour the Fallen) and is staffed by Military Officers (Current head is a 1 star who attended UK Staff College a while back). Link: Ministero della Difesa - Commissariato Generale per le Onoranze ai Caduti in Guerra

The reason for the slight resurrection is that I will be going down to Cassino and the Gustav Line Commemoration, in an Official Capacity, on 15 May and wandered if anyone else from here was going to be there.

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