Axed intelligence expert defiant

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Oct 28, 2004.

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  2. Who would have thought it. An expert being given the sack for showing integrity and defending a keystone of our defence, just because he was not 'on message'!

    Credibility is vital to intelligence and we have lost so much on account of this gov't, the sooner this culture of media management goe the better.
  3. That was a fascinating interview this morning. Interesting (if not surprising) to hear that dangerous and counter-productive interference with intelligence did not start with this Iraq campaign, but goes back to Desert Fox and Kosovo.
  4. Michael Howard speaking now on this issue on R4
  5. Nothng to do with Alistair Campbell was it?
  6. funny you should ask...
  7. Walk in the woods, anyone?
  8. this whole scenario reminds me of the king in blackadder , played by Brian Blessed.

    SQUIRE: Lord i have news from abroad , we are defeated in battle.

    KING: WHAAAAAAAAT ! this news is no good , bring me some other news

    SQUIRE: lord i have news from abroad , we are not defeated in battle

    (or something like that)
  9. Blair 'used intelligence as PR tool'
    John Morrison's interview plus reactions
    couple of extracts:
    full story at,3858,5049511-111381,00.html