Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by TheWarden, Dec 6, 2008.

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  1. Just a word of warning to all those based in BFG who are insured 3rd Party Fire and Theft with AXA.

    I recently hit a deer on the Hohne to Fallingbostel Range Road. No problems I thought. My brother in law (German) hit a deer a few weeks ago and his 3rd Part insurance paid up for it. So I rings the company up and they tell me to get the car damage checked over and they will have it repaired. I asked them to send me a claim form online.

    Imagine my surprise when I was told " As you are NATO forces you are not covered for Game damage"

    Now lets get this straight.

    1. I could have read the small print of the Insurance agreement. Rather I would have if I had been given the same booklet I was sent by the head office.

    2. This area is renowned for this type of accident so why wasn't I verbally warned and made aware of the clause when signing the contract?

    3. It is not a NATO rule............It is AXA's own rules.

    We are being treated, yet again, as second class citizens and being discriminated against. I have checked over 20 insurance companies now and they all cover game damage on 3rd party insurance and you dont lose any no claims. AXA make you pay Fully Comp and you will lose no claims.

    I was fobbed off when I asked questions. I was told "We should be lucky to get insurance and the premiums are cheap" (or words to that effect). Now confirm my premium against the other companies and that is not the case. It s nearly double some premium quotes.

    I have taken the matter to the Insurance Ombudsman in Germany and thea are addressing the case. I will also point this matter out to G1 in UKSCG and BFGLO. Why should a company be able to get away with this. It should be struck off the BFG insurance list. BFG Premiums are high enough without being discriminated against in the process.

    Apparrently you can now have any German Insurance company you wish as long as they will insure you as a BFG member. I'm leaving AXA and I suggest those who are at danger of driving in areas with heavy game movement should do the same otherwise you will be screwed too.
  2. Mate, the last time I was in BFG I used TF Insurance.

    A UK based company that give you pan-european cover, so no need for a green card.

    The company was set up by an ex-squaddie and were very good to me.

    I will be using them again quite soon.
  3. Write an outrage letter to the Sixth Sense. I am sure that their Verbrechen Bus will do the rest...
  4. Hi Warden

    Actually had a customer hit a deer last year who was with axa, and they repaired his car without a problem. Can't think of his name now, but he had a C-Class estate in silver. Remember the car and the damage it caused, as it was almost a write-off.

    I would, in the first instance, dispute the claim with AXA, and then write to Rob, the editor, at the Sixth Sense. he loves to get his teeth into stuff that adversly affects the boys

    Good look, and if i remember who the guy was I'll ask him to PM you.

  5. The point is that as a german with a Third part policy, AXA will pay up. But not to a squaddy. We are expected to pay fully comp and also lose no claims in the process. I will wait until I get an official letter from the ombudsman before taking this as far as I can.
  6. Its punishment for polluting the streets of Minden with a shitty CRX :D
  7. Ah!!!!!! The Pilsbury Doh Boy. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't you drive a Lada Sport ????????????? Merry Christmas.
  8. What part of the range road were you on?

    I personaly dont use it anymore (I use the motorway to fally) but AXA in Hohne informed me that I would have to take out an extra policy if travelling on the range road to cover me for such an event
  9. I was not told anything by any AXA rep about Game Damage on the range road or any road for that matter. As I have stated, I have put this matter to the German Insurance Ombudsman. Whatever, we are being ripped off because a German only needs Third Part Insurance and he or she is covered. I have yet to find a German Policy with this regulation because we belong to NATO other than AXA. I have surfed countless German Insurance sites and not one state that as a "other national" we are to be given discriminating conditions. Axa have had a monopoly on BFG personnel for too long.
  10. Ask if German soldiers are also affected....
  11. good point, parts of the range road are private government roads where insurance is invalid. an example of this is where u pass through the small village going from hohne to fally (the name i cant remember), outside this village there is a sign stating words to this effect. Why should an insurance company repeat to u in an office the content of the small print. do u read all the small print when u register with websites such as ebay or when u buy something in a shop? also even if u had the correct and rather large policy handbook, would u have sat at home and read it? me thinks not! AXA 4 a fee protect no claims.
  12. My last answer may have got lost or has been removed somehow. To make a valid point. We actually do not drive on the military part of the range road between Fally and hohne. If you do then yes the insurance is invalid as I am not in a military vehicle. The roads not designated as "military only" are normal civilian roads, therefore AXA are imposing unnatural restrictions on our travel just because we are NATO. This is the point I am trying to make. The Germans do not have this insurance restriction. I have subsequently spoken to a german neighbour who has AXA insurance and he is covered for game damage with a third party insurance. AXA have stated to me that they are giving us the same policy conditions as an English Insurance company. I am however not in England and pay for a german policy in Euros to travel on German roads. Maybe I forgot that the Deer didnt realise I was a Brit otherwise he would have waited for me to pass and run in front of the German behind me instead.
  13. I am sure there is a caveat to driving on the range road as it is in places a wildlife area and asa such you do need additional insurance. I have always been informed of this, by axa, NAAFI, etc
  14. How did this pan out, did AXA sort themselves out or give you the big F-Off!?