..aww my head hurts !!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DesktopCommando, Feb 4, 2012.

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  1. ...after a night of 2 1/2 bottle of cheap port (ruby :) ) Ive woken to texting my best (female) mate and tell her I love her and to ditch her hubby, written a raw POF profile of myself, and listened to my other best mate who got me in this state tell me about I pi$hed in his sink...

    please tell me about your stories, it wont help me now (paracetamol hasn't kicked in) , about what you did "last" night that you regret !!

    ps. I swamped the bed after a period of 10 years...get in :)
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  2. I actually had a 2nd cup of coffee just before bedtime. It really fucked me over I can tell you.
  3. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Pictures. Now. And knock it off with the fucking smileys you half pissed dosser.

    I spent much of last night in quiet contemplation and prayer on account of me being a vicar. And I agreed to a meeting in Miami fairly soon. I fucking hate Miami.
  4. HHH

    HHH LE

    I really went wild last night, I stayed up until 23.00 instead of my usual 22.30, eh rebel or what ?
  5. Must have been a blistering episode of Road Wars
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  6. I had headache this morning from a week of shitty nights and drinking red wine. My body clocks still bag of shit now...thank fuck for leave
  7. Bought a cuckoo clock on t'internet and only realised when it turned up that it's a metre high and cost me £2000, which I don't have.

    It's the same size as a full on, Lederhosen-wearing SS officer and I haven't the faintest idea where to put it and how to pay for it.

    I must have clicked the wrong button on their website.

    NEVER buy anything online when pissed out of your skull.
  8. Indeed am currently contemplating this

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  9. Oi don't involve me in your sordid perverse activities.
  10. Spent shifting a ton of fucking snow that appeared out of the nowhere.

    The rest of the family state that it had been predicted on the weather forecast all week but I thought they were just being dramatic.
  11. Let's see.....1 bottle of white wine, half a bottle of red, 3 Heinekens, 2 pints of Bitburger, 2 shots of Jim Beam, 2 double Maker's Mark on the rocks and one half finished Glen-something Scotch on the rocks. Just a normal Friday evening, you know?

    And the best thing: I feel fantastic, not even a hint of a headache.

    I think tonight is going to be Mexican themed evening, heading out to grab some chow at a Mexican place. So expect lots of Tequila and beer. Lots.

    Anyways, enjoy your hangover. I might join you tomorrow morning.
  12. Good Friday last year I managed to create my own Turin Shroud! Woke up wondering why my towel was wet and my bedding had changed :) I wrapped up the bundle and took it into my mates room and presented it to him as an Easter gift. Bastard didn't even say thanks!) :)

    DesktopCommando; Chuck some whisky down your head - that'll sort ye out!
  13. Went out with some mates and not-so-mates from ex-workplace to a Chinese restaurant. Vodka & Lemonade ordered tasted suspiciously like they'd had a splash of gin put in as well but still drank it. Chinese dragon dance and judo exhibition good, most notable for the lack of any Asians participating. Won this little fella 04022012080[1].jpg in a raffle I didn't even know I'd entered and then suffered through the Asian hostess trying to sing "Hopelessly Devoted To You" until our table joined in and managed to drown her out.

    The headache is just starting to subside.
  14. Now that is something I would pay good money to see. Were you out of it until the Sunday?
  15. Hair of the dog works wonders Mate.
    You didn´t suffer from a beer goggle malfunction aswell did you?:?