Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by milkybar, Aug 10, 2006.

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  1. :D :D Anyone got any information on joining the AWS, like what is the selection board like... cheers
  2. Speak to anyone in the SIB below WO2. They've all considered it/in the process of doing it/know someone who's done it.

    Those who haven't are considering Australia.
  3. AWS?
  4. AWS?
  5. OK I give in. WTF is AWS a TLA for :?:
  6. Army Welfare Services. Usually take Sgts and above, but will consider Cpls pre selected for promotion (or it was last time I looked).
  7. I support the comments made by Biscuits!

    SIB = Almost extinct See Australian Army!
  8. Milkybar, did you find what you were looking for? I too am looking to transfer to AWS. If you do have anything of interest I would like to know.

  9. Sapper, find out where your local AWS Office is and give them a call. Definately in most major Garrisons. Most if not all are transferees so they'll be able to tell you precisely what you need to be doing. I wouldn't take any 3rd party advice on it.

    Feedback from a few ex colleagues who transferred suggests that it's probably the best move you'll make.
  10. Thanks Biscuits I will do just that, was basically trying to get as much info prior to making my interest public knowledge.
  11. HS sorry mate i haven't chased it up yet.... have you got any info??
  12. PM me i have the POC and EM address for the Admin Manager Mrs Brownhill

    If you have access to DII try the Army Portal, AG Corps website, all the addresses and telephone numbers are are in there.
  13. HAve you gone yet?
  14. Not yet mate, looking at going for it in 2009, just after some info. What do your mates say about the job??

    Cheers MB