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im currently awol now 4 years! long time "ive decided to hand myself in but worried about the punishment i will recieve

ive been whisperd SNLR /
You were given plenty of advice in your previous thread "AWOL for 4 years need help"

So why have you waited again? Get yourself to the nearest Guardroom and get it over and done with!
What are you looking for, a prize?
Hand yourself in and take your punishment on the chin.
Or alternatively sit down and shut up.
You'll probably find they'll ask for your ID card and boot you out of the gate.




Sod off back into whatever hole you have been lying in for the last 4 or more years. We dont' want you back and don't consider creating more problems for those that have to deal with all of the sh*te you create when you turn up after all these years away! We, the army, are might have noticed and we don't need any sh*tebags who couldn't cope first time around showing their faces again!!!!


Stop posting on this's for serving soldiers and those who managed to complete their term of service legitimately and with pride!!!

You do not fit this mold!!! so sod off!!!!

Nuff said!!!!!
Seconded RLC. Blueface you have 2 choices:

1. Don't bother coming back. Save us all the time, effort and paperwork.

2. Face up to life, your conscience and responsibilities.

Your call.
Just do it, go and get it over with - be a man once in your life!
Just do it, go and get it over with - be a man once in your life!
Pardon my ignorance, but exactly what happens to you if you become AWOL and hand yourself back in? Is it likely that you'll ultimately be discharged?
No not really knew of a lad at depot RCT who had been AWOL for 5 years had started a small business and wanted to get the army thing over and done with. Ended up IIRC doing a bit of time at camp (might have been open arrest) before his CM were he got a few months Colly and soldier on! So not open and shut. And if he was with his unit and they had been warned for OP's doesn't then get classed as desertion?


never wet to my unit /dont even know were it is? left after phase two "


blueface said:
never wet to my unit /dont even know were it is? left after phase two "

Change your avatar first. People may listen to you if your not walting as MDN.
Not open for further replies.

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