Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomblast, Jun 5, 2006.

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  1. Hi,

    We are making a film about why members of the armed forces feel compelled to go absent without leave.

    We want to make a film that explores what the real reasons behind this are, not make assumptions or paraphrase press reports. We can only do this through first hand accounts of individual’s experiences.

    I understand that serving members of the armed forces are bound by Queens Regulations and may not talk to the press. If you are a former member of the armed forces and felt compelled to go absent without leave and are free to talk, or are still serving and would consider speaking anonymously, I would like to hear about why you went absent without leave and what happened when you did.

    Thanks for your time, Tom
  2. Not a chance... :D
  3. and here you can have my number for free.i will talk to you.

    01-21-DO ONE
  4. Tom

    If you haven't already done so, you need to contact Good CO, Bad CO or PartTimePongo, the moderator of this forum, to establish your bona fides. Without this you are unlikely to get any serious responses.
  5. I went AWOL in 1979.

    I did miss my puddings though.

    But I was never a desserter.
  6. People go AWOL, coz on the whole they are unhappy - guess how much more unhappy they are when the bitch they ran away from the army to be with drops a sprog of another colour!!!
  7. CheekieNorthernMonkie nice one an true as well.
  8. Tom, listen to this man, he is right, you should contact the guys mentioned who run this site and they will help you if you are genuine, otherwise you are wasting your time. Its also not the form to just rock up and try to trawl for the demographic you need.
  9. Nobody asked me if I was genuine.

    Ah fcuk it, I'll post anyway.

    I went AWOL because the wife of my girlfriend's, aunty's, gay lover's hairdresser was having an affair with Ladysmith Black Mambazo's, roadie's, uncle's, whippet trainer's, blood donor and after visiting Area 51 and being abducted by aliens and probed orally because these aliens don't have an **** fixation and neither did I, then I visited the third moon and met the Soup Dragon and had to be pulled off Baby Clanger as the little shite stole my Swiss Army knife, so nothing sexual even though the age of consent is only ten as laid down by the Soup Dragon or when the wool runs out but then I might have remembered it wrong and anyway it's all just everyday stuff and obviously of no interest to you.

    Actually I think it was just the usual combination of a dick of an OC with a clerk to match.
  10. I am a dyslexic Guardsman who went ALWO.

    Do I Count ??
  11. I appeared to go AWOL/Deserted while returning from an operation tour (on a ship), but it was (suprise) an admin error. Imagine how amused I was when my parents told me the police had been round asking for me and refusing to say why.

    Oh how I laughed (manically, while curling one out in the desk drawer of the Orifice who's fault it all was.)